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YubiKey Bio Review: USB-Shaped Security Key


YubiKey Bio Review: USB-Shaped Security Key – Yubico has launched hardware security keys on Tuesday, 12 October 2021. A new USB model called the YubiKey Bio features fingerprint recognition to add a level of login security on a single device. The hackers who have our password will not be able to access our account without having security keys. This will make the user’s data safe.

YubiKey Bio Review

YubiKey Bio adds security in the authentication process by activating the identification factor for both users, namely fingerprints. The YubiKey Bio has two models: USB-C for $84.00 and USB-A for $77.00.

The weakness of password security is that hackers can still know the user’s password, it is easy to guess. And under certain conditions, the users can forget the password.


In addition to security keys, the technology industry has overcome the weaknesses of using passwords with biometrics, authentication applications on mobile phones, and FIDO (Fast Identity Online).

Users of services such as Gmail, Youtube, and Google Workspace have been working hard to overcome the weakness of using passwords. This year, it has been announced that it will switch 150 million people to two-factor authentication or two-step verification using security keys to protect employee accounts.

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How to use

How to use YubiKey Bio is very easy, for example, in using a Microsoft account. Go to Security Section > Advanced Security. Then users can directly register their fingerprints. When the fingerprint is registered, we log in as usual by entering the email and password and attaching the fingerprint to the installed YubiKey Bio.

YubiKey Bio helps its users avoid phishing attempts, theft of personal data and information, using dangerous websites, and so on.

Applications supported

Applications supported by YubiKey Bio include Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Youtube, Ubuntu, LastPass, Reddit. ProtonMail, Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft Account, macOS, Kraken, Instagram, IBM Security, Google Cloud, Google Advance Protection Program. GitLab, Fedora, Electronic Arts, DocuSign, DigiCert, cmd, CloudFlare, CentOS. Bitwarden, Bitbucket, AWS Single Sign-On, AWS Identity Access Management, 2FA for JIRA, and many other applications.

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