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Xiaomi Wireless Charger: Wireless Charging Remotely


Xiaomi Wireless Charger

Xiaomi Wireless Charger: Wireless Charging Remotely – Xiaomi may be releasing an innovation soon. Not smartphones, but remote wireless charging technology, aka wireless charging, which can charge smartphones remotely. As reported by XDA Developer, Xiaomi shows off a leap in remote wireless charging technology that can charge devices without contact or touch.

As quoted from Engadget, Sunday (30/1/2021), charging a smartphone with remote wireless charging technology can be done from a distance of several meters. This product comes with the name Mi Air Charge Technology. Indeed, remote wireless charging is not the first technology to exist. Previously there had also been similar technological innovations, one of which was Energous WattUp. However, of the many remote wireless charging technologies, not one is present on the market yet.


The Release Date is Still Classified.

So far, Xiaomi has not yet brought this Mi Air Charge Technology to the market. The company also did not discuss a specific launch date or which smartphones are compatible with this technology.

“We are excited to bring Mi Air Charge Technology to charge! Simultaneously charge multiple devices when you are playing games, walking, or doing something. No need for cables! A new leap in wireless charging technology!” Xiaomi said in a tweet on the @xiaomi account.

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Xiaomi only exhibited a product demo talking about the 17 patents it has regarding this product. More patents than other smartphone manufacturers.

The size of this Xiaomi wireless charging is quite large. The shape looks more like an air purifier. Mi Air Charge has a size that is quite high, almost the height of a sofa sitting. This information was obtained through demonstrations by Xiaomi.

With this relatively large size, this wireless charger can charge 5W smartphones up to a radius of several meters. That way, users can charge the smartphone battery even more practical.

Charging for More Than 1 Device at a Time.

Mi Air Charge technology works by utilizing five antennas. These five antennas are used to detect the location of the cellphone. Then, there are 144 antennas that send millimeter-wide waves directly to the phone for charging.

Xiaomi claims that a physical barrier will not be able to block or reduce the charging process. For now, Mi Air Charge technology will only work on smartphones. But in the future, this technology will also support other devices such as smartwatches and other technological devices.

Bottom Line.

Xiaomi claims the technology is not mere fiction. Even Mi Air Charge is said to charge multiple smartphones at once, bypass physical objects, and send power to all kinds of electronic devices around the user’s room.

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Apart from smartphones, smartwatches and smart speakers are all claimed to be charged with this technology.

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