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Xiaomi Make Phone with a Quad Waterfall Display Concept and no Port


Xiaomi Quad Waterfall Display

Xiaomi Make Phone with a Quad Waterfall Display Concept and no Port – In the past, cellphones only had a 2.4-inch screen. Now many smartphones come with screens up to 6.5 inches. Even the entry class has carried punch-hole screen technology, where the front camera is inside the screen. So what other innovations can be present for smartphone screen technology?

Xiaomi is probably best known for its very affordable and competent smartphones. And recently, Xiaomi, as a technology company, has again shown its strength. They released a prototype or smartphone concept with waterfall display technology. Yes, previously, Huawei has released smartphones with the same technology. But the difference is, the curvature of the screen is intact at all four corners, including the top and bottom, being the first in the world.


New innovation

Yes, at the beginning of 2021, Xiaomi is fast enough to release various new technologies. Shortly before this, they were trying to develop a wireless charging solution, which was also very sophisticated. Users can charge electronic devices while in the same room, aka they don’t have to be in a specific area.

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It’s still a concept, but at least the original prototype of this smartphone already exists. It comes without a special type like the Mi Mix Alpha series, the latest idea from Xiaomi in 2021 tries to show something different. On each of the four sides, the screen is curved at an 88-degree angle. What does not belong to the part of the screen are the corners only.

If the entire side of the body is part of the screen, what about the buttons and ports? Nothing. Yes, through this prototype, Xiaomi also wants to show what if a smartphone gives a futuristic unibody display. As well as wanting to create a smartphone design that is entirely dominated by the screen.

Xiaomi Generates Many New Patents

With the realization of this four-corner curved screen smartphone, Xiaomi has patented more than 46 types of new technology, some of which are related to the absence of buttons and ports replicated with other alternatives. Some of them are the use of eSIM chips, third-generation under-display cameras, a thin, flexible acoustic layer to make sound, wireless charging to special pressure sensors.

New Concept Display Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi itself has not stated when this technology will be used in real terms in its latest flagship. Previously, Huawei had implemented a similar technology by using a touch sensor to replace the volume buttons’ role for the sake of curved waterfall displays on the left and right sides of the screen. Even though the appearance is attractive, this alternative is considered unreliable to replace the physical button’s role.

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In 2019, Vivo was also trying to present a smartphone without a port (port-less phone). Introduced at Mobile World Congress, the smartphone is built from a single curved glass section, even though the screen hasn’t reached the sides yet. Until now, the Vivo Apex 2019 has no official form that is sold in bulk.

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