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Xiaomi Full-Color Laser Projector: Review, Features, Price


Xiaomi Full-Color Laser Projector: Review, Features, Price – Xiaomi is a revolutionary brand. They have changed the direction of development in many niches. For example, it was the first to launch a full-screen Mi MIX smartphone. Another example, this Chinese brand was the first to launch an affordable ultra-short-throw laser projector.

Back in 2017, when it released its first model in this niche, Xiaomi laser projectors cost five times less. It costs around $2,000, while its competitors are available for $10,000 or more.

However, after the launch of Xiaomi’s first ultra-short-throw projector, the market changed. Currently, there are many models on the market, which makes the competition challenging for Xiaomi. But this company is not sitting idle. Now they are releasing full-color laser projectors. This is another short-focus laser projector with a starting price of 6,999 yuan ($1,098).



Compared to various home cinema products previously launched by Xiaomi, the main feature of this laser projector is the use of a three-color RGB laser light source for live imaging.

This imaging solution overcomes the color loss caused by traditional phosphors and color wheel structures, realizes the ultra-wide color gamut of BT.2020 at 95%, and effectively improves image transparency thanks to liquid crystals in LCoC silicon technology.

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SGS Low Blue Light Certification

In addition, the Xiaomi Full Color Laser Cinema has also passed the SGS low blue light certification, and the blue light intensity in the 415nm-455nm range has been effectively controlled, making it easier to see without hurting the eyes.



Audio, Operating System, and Hardware

This laser projector is also equipped with two full-frequency speaker units. In turn, they have passed DTS and Dolby certifications. In addition, the company has cooperated with China’s WANOS to achieve excellent sound quality.

For the operating system, the Xiaomi Full Color Laser Cinema projector is equipped with the MIUI TV system, with a video source that retains the original quality and which has a MEMC motion compensation base, along with the AIPQ algorithm, which is optimized for image quality and which compensates for the lack of laser image projection.

Xiaomi’s full-color laser theater uses a new display chip, which provides up to 1400ANSI lumens. Under the hood, the projector uses the flagship Amlogic T982 4-core A55 CPU. There’s also 2GB of DDR4 memory and 16GB of flash storage. Connectivity options include three HDMI 2.1, one USB 3.1, LAN ports, audio interfaces, etc.


Xiaomi Full-Color Laser Projector Price

This newly launched projector comes with a starting price tag of 6,999 yuan ($1,098). Currently, Xiaomi’s full-color laser projector is available for pre-order. Products will start shipping on April 1.

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