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V-Moda BoomPro X Review, Multifunction Wired Headset


V-Moda BoomPro X Review

V-Moda BoomPro X Review, Multifunction Wired Headset – The V-mode BoomPro X is one of the most attractive wired headset options with multifunctional capabilities. You get a microphone (with a flexible body for easy repositioning), volume control, and a mute button with one cable.

It can replace the 3.5mm audio cable that you usually plug into your favorite wireless headphones, making it a better communication tool. This week, V-Moda announced a new product, the $45 BoomPro X, with a redesigned design, a revamped microphone, and sleeker controls.


You can use it when you’re sitting down to play a game with friends or join a Zoom meeting, then unplug it when you’re done and use your headphones as usual. The ModMic Antlion product has a similar concept, but they use a magnetic attachment.


The best aspect of the V-Moda BoomPro X is its versatility. You can instantly convert any headphones you already have into a gaming headset or conference calls. Of course, V-Moda will be happy if you use it with their company headphones, but when using other brands’ products, it will work just as well as the Sony WH-1000XM4 or Microsoft Surface Headphone 2.

As long as you have headphones that have a detachable 3.5mm cable, you’re good to go. Some headsets (like those from Bose) use a smaller 2.5mm jack, but even so, you can use a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter to get the BoomPro X working.

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The USB-C adapter also works fine. In many cases, using headphones you already love will also give you better sound quality than what you get when you buy a versatile gaming headset.


Microphone audio quality

Reporting from The Verge, in terms of microphone audio quality. The BoomPro X certainly won’t come close to setting up a proper podcasting or professional microphone. It seems that this headset is more towards lower frequencies and lacks crispy.

That said, you’ll get much better results than usual through the built-in microphone on wireless headphones. The boom arm makes a difference that can make the sound clearer. And you don’t have to worry about the ambient noise your laptop microphone will pick up during work meetings.

In testing on PS5 and Xbox Series X, The sound was loud and clear without any annoying audio hiss or other distractions. Onboard controls have also been redesigned and streamlined. They now look much closer to the inline controls on many wired headphones, and the cases are much thinner and lighter.

Interestingly, V-Moda also features five different small microphone covers in different colors. The company is known for its customization and customizable ear cup protectors, and even microphone covers are available.

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