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Tracking Unknown Cell Phone Numbers, Here’s the Powerful Tips!


Tracking Unknown Cell Phone Numbers, Here’s the Powerful Tips! – Often receive phone calls from unknown numbers and fear that it is a scam? Or even traumatized by calls from unknown numbers? Let’s take a look at some useful applications to track the number effectively!

Tracking Unknown Cell Phone Numbers, With App:

1. Showcaller

This application called Showcaller serves to identify unknown phone numbers, even to find out the detailed location of the person calling. Apart from that, users can also block those unknown numbers.

In addition to displaying the name of the owner of the number, Showcaller also shows the address along with comments about the person from other people who have been victims if that person is a fraud.

Spam Calls

2. Truecaller

Truecaller is an application that can display the name of the calling user, even if the number is not saved on the recipient’s phone. Not only that, but the app also has a huge directory of spam callers.

Users can also add a list of specific numbers as spam. This application can detect caller ID, do contact blocking, SMS spam blocking, and function as a dialer.

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3. Whoscall

This application developed by Gogolook can identify calls from unknown numbers, so users can decide whether to accept or reject the incoming call.

In Whoscall, there are features for setting numbers, blocking numbers and keywords, and offline databases. Whoscall is one of the ranks of the Best Apps of Google Play 2013. In 2013, this app was acquired by Naver so that it became one with the chat application Line.


4. Mr. Number – Block Calls & Spam

This application can detect and block phone numbers that are commonly used to make phone calls and SMS spam and fraud. Users of this application can also use it to block calls, for example, numbers with specific area codes and suspicious numbers.

5. Tellows – Caller ID & Block

The Tellows application is equipped with a feature that allows it to find out personal information such as the name, address, and location of the caller when the user of this application receives an incoming call from an unknown number.

In addition, users can also see the types of calls from foreign numbers, which are divided by Tellows into nine categories, namely trusted numbers, debt collection companies, lucky draws, surveys, aggressive advertising, terrorism, money fraud, telemarketing, and missed call mode. This helps the recipient of the call find out the purpose of the owner of the unknown number.

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