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Tips to Avoid Fake Windows 11, Read more!


Tips to avoid fake Windows 11 – Windows 11 was finally officially released to the public and was well-received thanks to its new design. But in the midst of this excitement, you have to be wary of bad guys who often take advantage of the situation and offer fake versions of this operating system.

This is certainly nothing new. A year ago, an operating system download that claimed to be Windows 12 Lite appeared on Reddit. However, some irregularities were seen on the system, and sure enough, it was a fake Windows 12 Lite.

Tips to avoid fake Windows 11

Please note that the bad guys who created this fake Windows are trying to spread viruses or ransomware used to steal data or limit computer functionality. The victim will then be asked for a ransom so that the device can operate normally again.

Tips to avoid fake Windows 11

Therefore, you need to know which ones are fake and genuine to avoid being trapped by unscrupulous people. Further, see the list below for tips and tricks.

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Tip 1: Get Windows 11 from Microsoft or a trusted retailer

This is the first piece of advice you should follow. If possible, it is better to download Windows 11 from the official Microsoft site. You can also download it from a trusted reseller or retailer. Don’t be tempted by fake links in the name of Microsoft or other access bonuses.

Tip 2: The suspect claims that they are too perfect

Windows 11 does bring significant improvements over its predecessors. However, if the download presented makes a bold enough claim, such as a 100% guarantee against viruses and ransomware, claims something about Windows 12 that hasn’t been released, or something else that meets your expectations, then the download should be suspect.

Tip 3: Don’t think twice if it’s claimed to be fake

In the case of the fake Windows 12 Lite mentioned above, the download site clearly states that the system is Linux Lite 4.8 LTS which is made to look like Windows 10. This may be toying with your mind, but to put it simply, how could the genuine product be claimed to be fake or statements that point to there? So, don’t think long, don’t click on the download link if it’s been claimed to be fake from the start.

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