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Tips for Learning to Be More Effective, Fun, and Not Boring


Tips for Learning

Tips for Learning to Be More Effective, Fun, and Not Boring – For some people, studying becomes something that sucks. Learning can be something enjoyable with benefits that are not kidding for the future. Reading can open our eyes and insight into the vast world and holds many exciting puzzles to solve.

Tips for learning more effectively, fun, and not boring. Come on, check out the six tips so you can learn to be more focused and not monotonous!


1. The concept of focusing the mind in one focus

To improve the quality of time in learning, first, we need to know our goals. Then, write down various motivational words and achievements you want to achieve from the learning on sticky notes. Stick the paper in front of you. Take a good look at the paper and promise yourself that you want to learn. Thus, your soul and spirit will grow.

2. Set the correct time

Each individual has a different study schedule. Some are more focused when studying in the morning, afternoon, or early morning. You have to know yourself and learn according to your best version of the time. After that, you can use the 50:10 method, which is 50 minutes of study and 10 minutes of rest.

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3. Determine learning targets in one day

In doing anything, we need to set targets. As with learning, we need to determine the duration or how far to study in one day. This is so that you fully understand the material without shuffling the learning structure.

4. Playing soothing instrumental music

Learning will be more fun when accompanied by soft music, such as instrumental music, the sound of running water/rain, and so on. You can create a playlist of songs to listen to while studying and turn down the sound so that the center of your mind is not divided. In addition, choose a place to learn away from the noise and comfortable chairs.

5. Ignite aromatherapy

A calm atmosphere, soft music, accompanied by hot chocolate milk is the dream of many people. Moreover, it is added with a soothing aromatherapy fragrance, such as the fragrance of citrus, pine, jasmine, and so on. Place the aromatherapy not far from your study table so that your body becomes more relaxed and your mind more focused.

6. Self-reward!

A reward is a basic form of appreciation for every human being. Why is that? Because every human being wants to be appreciated and appreciated. You can also do that to yourself, be your best friend, and enjoy every achievement from your learning activities that one day, and so on.

You can try the six tips above now! Stay motivated to be the best version of yourself and stay curious!

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