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The New Best Features in Windows 11, Here’s the Review


The New Best Features in Windows 11, Here’s the Review – The global release of Windows 11 is just around the corner, with a fresh new look and lots of new features aimed at helping you be more productive, whether you’re using a laptop or tablet at home or work.

The New Best Features in Windows 11

We’ve rounded up the six best features that will be coming to Windows 11. Apart from that, you can also try the beta version of Windows 11 before the global version launches. With a note, your PC version is compatible with Windows 11.


1. Android Apps

Android applications will be present in Windows 11 automatically into the Microsoft Store. This feature is what Windows users have been waiting for for years. Although in Windows 10, this feature has been present first, it still seems “exclusive” because it is only available on some devices such as the Samsung Galaxy series.


In Windows 11, the feature will be generally available, and users can download it directly to their PC. The Android App feature will be coming to the Microsoft Store via the Amazon Appstore. This means you have to download the Amazon Appstore first and then log in using your account.

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Once you register and successfully log in, you can access the nearly 500,000 apps available there, including Disney Plus, TikTok, Netflix, Pinterest, Uber, and more. However, you cannot access Android apps, which are only available on the Google Play Store.

2. Widgets

Windows 11 will add the Widget feature to the display later. This widget will display info such as news, weather, calendar glance, and a to-do list, as well as your recent photos. This feature is similar to the features that were previously available on Windows 10 in a recent update.


The widget will appear on your Taskbar, you can click or press the widget, and a panel will appear containing the information you want to find. This feature will appear on the left side of your desktop but, you can also expand your widget to full screen.

3. Desktop

Windows 11 will make it easier for you to create separate desktops to meet your needs. You can use a different wallpaper to distinguish it from other desktops.

You can use these separate desktops for personal use, work, school, gaming, or whatever, and easily switch between other desktops. This feature is similar to the virtual desktop feature of macOS.

There is very little information on how to use this separate desktop. However, through the demo from Microsoft, when you use this feature, you can scroll to the bottom of your screen, and a tab will appear to change the desktop you have created. This allows you to switch between desktops with one click.

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4. Microsoft Teams

On Windows 10, Microsoft Teams can only be used when you download the application. In Windows 11, this feature will be present directly on the operating system without downloading it manually. You can also connect with Microsoft Teams across platforms like Android, Mac, or iOS.


You can access Microsoft Teams very easily. Just search for Microsoft Teams on your Taskbar, click the application to open, and Microsoft Teams will open immediately.

5. Snap Group

A Snap Group is a collection of tabs that you have saved in Snap Layouts. This feature allows users to easily access the layout so that it will maximize user productivity. How to use it is quite easy. You just need to hover over your browser on the Taskbar. After that, you can see the various groups of websites and applications that you have created.


6. Snap Layouts

When you use multiple tabs, Windows 11 will allow you to arrange the tabs in different layouts, and you can also save your layout settings. When you open a tab, you can see a button like a box in the top right corner between the “X” and “minimize” signs. Click on it to view and choose different layout options for that tab.

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