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The Latest Features That Are Still Absent in iOS 15


The Latest Features That Are Still Absent in iOS 15 – The iOS 15 update was received by most iPhone users some time ago. They expect to get a lot of new features when upgrading to the OS. This is because at Apple’s WWDC event some time ago, it was revealed that Apple is preparing many new features.

Some of these include FaceTime Sharing, Focus Mode, redesigned Safari, and more. But unfortunately, there are quite a lot of features that users will not receive in this update. Here are six new iOS 15 features that users have yet to receive.

For those who want to update your iPhone to iOS 15, see what new features will not be present in this update.


Features That Are Still Absent in iOS 15

App Privacy Report

One feature that users will not get is the App Privacy Report. This feature will allow users to see details about the sensors and what data each app has accessed in the past week.

3D Navigation on CarPlay

Another feature that users will not get is the 3D feature in Maps when users connect it to Apple CarPlay. This feature will display a 3D interactive globe and various other features.

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One more feature that users have been waiting for that has yet to be launched is the SharePlay feature. This feature will allow users to share songs, videos, and even iPhone screens with others via FaceTime.

Legacy Contacts

Users will also not get Legacy Contacts support. This upcoming Universal Control feature allows Mac users to control iPads and even other Macs using the host’s keyboard and mouse.

Custom email Domain

For those of you who immediately want to log in with a custom email domain for the iCloud service, you have to wait a little longer. You see, this feature will not be launched for the time being.

ID Cards

The release of iOS 15 will also not bring support for ID cards in the Wallet app. This is a neat addition as users can store their documents in the Wallet, SIM, and other apps.

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