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The best weapons in Apex Legends Season 10, this is the order


Best weapons in Apex Legends

The best weapons in Apex Legends Season 10, this is the order – Season 10 of Apex Legend has arrived, where players are still busy talking about a new Legend named Seer because it is considered too overpowered or OP in terms of gamers now. However, not only the new Legend, in Season 10, there is also a new weapon for the Light Machine Gun (LMG) category, namely Rampage. Some weapons are also offset to affect meta changes.

Reporting from Gamerant, here’s a tier list of Apex Legends weapons from the best to the least good according to their alphabetical order. For the record, this Apex Legends weapon sequence is judged not based on attachments or hop-ups.


Tier S


Who would have thought Alternator could return to get the highest tier in this game. Maybe this is thanks to the advantages of the Alternator, which has the iconic feature, namely Disruptor Rounds from Apex Legends season 2 and is in the Care Package. With Disruptor Rounds, the Alternator is the only weapon that can provide additional damage to shields that can be beneficial, although not as strong as in season 2.

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The R-99 is known for its fast bullet fire, heavy recoil, and high damage. This weapon is very dependent on the player’s talent because if the shot often misses, you can receive damage from the opponent. After all, using this weapon must be at close range. In essence, do not miss when using this weapon.


Since Prowler can no longer be obtained from the Care Package because it was replaced with Spitfire, Respawn Entertainment must have had a reason. Spitfire has a limited number of bullets from the Care Package, but Spitfire can shoot at a reasonably high speed and is ideal for fighting at a sufficiently long distance and still dealing high damage. This weapon was a threat in the previous two seasons; it is possible that it could be repeated in season 10.


Since being present in season 6, Volt is still a competitor to R-99 because both can shoot quickly, and the significant damage is. But just like the R-99, it takes special skills to be proficient in using this weapon.

The stability of this weapon is also tricky to use at a certain distance, so the Volt is categorized as a Submachine Gun (SMG). Volt is an Energy Weapon that can produce high enough damage if the player has the talent to use this weapon.

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Weapon Tier

Tier A


The Flatline is an easy-to-use and reliable weapon in Apex Legends. Flatline is an assault rifle with heavy bullets to deal significant damage.


Hemlock is a versatile weapon to date. This weapon can shoot three bullets or a single fire, which can be adjusted during the game. This weapon has substantial damage and medium range, so it can be an option for players aiming for a medium-range weapon and can do a lot of damage.


Kraber is a weapon that has not been out of the Care Package since it was first launched. This weapon can finish off any Legend with a single headshot and ignores Legend’s armor and helmet, except the ‘Arm Shield’ from Gibraltar. The reason Kraber was at tier A was because of his minimal ammo.


The Peacekeeper is a powerful weapon thanks to its large and easily controllable damage and its ability to activate the ‘Precision Choke’ mode. Like a shotgun, the Peacekeeper has a highly effective range which makes it a weapon of choice for any situation.


Despite leaving the Care Package, the Prowler is still a powerful weapon. The Prowler has an advantage in terms of fire speed, where the Prowler can shoot five-round bursts that can attack nearby enemies with deadly damage.

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The R-301 has been a consistent weapon across all of Apex Legends’ game modes. The R-301 has smooth recoil, solid damage, a good range for an assault rifle, and the ability to switch to single-fire if an Anvil Receiver is present. Therefore, the R-301 can be useful and ideal for use in any situation.


Rampage is a new weapon in season 10 of Apex Legends. This weapon has abilities such as Devotion and Spitfire weapons. The firing speed is on par with Devotion but can deal high damage with good range.

Players can use the ‘Thermite Grenade’ to increase the speed of fire and can even destroy doors. Even without the Thermite Grenade, this weapon can also kill the enemy quickly.

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