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The Best Ways How to Make Money from Google in 2022


The Best Ways How to Make Money from Google in 2022 – In today’s digital era, who doesn’t know Google? Tech giants who master various technologies. Apart from the various paid services, Google provides various monetization options for users. There are many ways to make money from the internet by using Google without having significant capital.

You just need to know the ins and outs of each Google app and how it works, and then stick to it consistently.

Why is Google Essential?

We may often ask why Google is so important and has the power to make you a millionaire. We summarize some of the reasons. Google is currently the most visited web address in the world per day. They are the most popular. You can confirm it via Alexa rating.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. When people search for something on the internet, they usually go to Google. I’m sure you use Google too! Although there are other search engines, Google is the default for 80% of internet users. The word Google has replaced the word search. You may have been told to ‘Google it’ rather than ‘look for it.’ That’s how popular they are.

As you probably already know, Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. It has been consistently ranked among the largest companies in the world by assets, revenue, market value, and profit.

Google Division

Google is more significant than just Google search. They have many divisions. There is YouTube, which is the second most visited website globally. They have Android and many others.

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If this popular and big company allows you to make money online, then that’s a big deal. We will look at the top ways to make money online with Google.

Of course, almost every business and entrepreneur on the internet use Google to grow their business and ultimately increase their income. But we will look for direct ways to make money online with Google.

Make Money from Google

Best Ways to Make Money From Google

This article will discuss the best ways to earn money from Google. Here’s the review.

1. Google Adsense

Almost all Youtube users know what Google Adsense is, but not everyone knows how it works. Google Adsense is an advertising network that monetizes Google products or websites from other platforms. Google Adsense will display ads on web pages, and of course, Google will pay for these ads.

Google Adsense is often associated with Blogger or Youtuber and affiliate marketing products. So, to earn money from Google Adsense, make sure you have a personal website from Blogspot, WordPress, or anything that can be used as a medium for serving ads or by frequently creating content on Youtube.

How to make money from Google AdSense is very easy. You simply fill out the form on the Google AdSense website. There will be a column for the website address and email address where you can be contacted. Then Google will review your website/youtube channel. If you meet all the requirements, the good news will come within a week.

2. Google Playstore

If you like making apps, Google Playstore is the right place for you. The reason is, you can make money from the Google Playstore by creating smartphone applications that many users will download.

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Later on, the installed application will show Google ads on the user’s screen who downloads it, and of course, Google will pay you. In addition, you can also sell applications in a paid method. Isn’t that enough?

3. Google My Business

For business owners, the Google My Business feature can be very useful. With this feature, every business you manage will get more attention from Google users who search for interests and products through Google Search or Google Maps.

By using Google My Business, your business location will be widely exposed, and you will get more benefits from promotions through this feature. Google My Business also allows you to create a profile related to your business and add complete information starting from the business name, opening hours, menu updates, social media and websites, photos, and reviews. All of this information will be displayed by Google in an interesting snippet to the right of the search results.

You can, too, for those of you who don’t have a business but want to get money from this platform. You simply do a review of these places of business. Later you can work with the business owner to claim your payment.

4. Google Cloud

Google Cloud is one of the premium hosting services launched by Google to accommodate the growing digital world and cloud computing. Not many people know about the potential ways to earn money from this Google platform. For those of you who have a digital business and are related to website development or startup owners, of course, you can use Google Cloud as a means of support.

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If you don’t have a startup to use Google Cloud, then the way to get money from your version of Google Cloud is to learn its working system and offer management services to startups or novice businesses.

5. Google Maps

Google Maps is helpful for recording locations, finding points of interest, and developing user geo-locations. Google Maps can’t be called a way to get money from Google, but you will be incentivized.

This geo-location platform opens up opportunities for its users to contribute to its development. The contribution can be in a review, rating, or adding a photo of the location. So, for those active in these contributions, Google will provide points that can be exchanged for hotel vouchers, bus ticket discounts, and other benefits.


There are many ways to make money online with Google products. You can choose it and start a travel career. We can guarantee that you will make the extra money that google deserves with AdSense and the right number of clicks.

Similarly, there are other alternative ways to make money online with google products: SEO consulting, Adwords, Google keyword planner, and Google Checkout. However, this will not generate money for you directly but increase your visibility, leading to more clicks and always generating revenue.

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