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Text Translation in Instagram Stories, Features You Must Try


Text Translation in Instagram Stories

Instagram is constantly releasing its latest innovations and creations, and Instagram has innovations that continue to be developed to this day. One of them is the text translation feature that users can see in Stories. This feature can translate up to 90 languages.

With the translation feature, users will have no trouble knowing the meaning of a language they don’t know much about. This feature will automatically translate the text typed in Instagram Stories. Users can see the translation of the text according to their native language by tapping the ‘See Translation’ option at the top left of the screen.

Instagram as a photo or video uploading application is very much loved by the global community, especially the millennial generation. They realize that feature updates must continue to be made to enjoy the features available in the application.


Still Available In Writing

Moreover, many foreign influencers are using the Instagram platform as their business. Therefore, first of all, users must understand the language they are speaking so that communication and business can be directed. But unfortunately, this feature is only available in written form and cannot translate in audio form. So users may have difficulty when they want to interpret the words of influencers who are native speakers.

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Reportedly, Instagram has been testing the translation feature since last month. And at that time, Instagram did not know when the official release date was. If we examine more deeply, it turns out that there are competitors or other applications that have already offered the translation feature, namely TikTok.

The presence of this feature makes Instagram an application that is more accessible to the global community. Not only that, this application can feel more inclusive after the presence of this translation feature.

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