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Tecware Torque+ Review, Mouse For Those Who Want Great FPS


Tecware Torque+ Review

Tecware Torque+ Review, Mouse For Those Who Want Great FPS – During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is very boring for some people. No doubt if you start to get tired of working, you can take the time to play games, for those of you who love fps games, such as Valorant, a mouse from Tecware from the Torque+ series, can accompany your gaming activities and can make you even greater at fps games.


Tecware Torque+ comes with an ergonomic design. The design is quite sloping compared to mice like the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite, which tends to be bulky. This mouse is perfect for gamers who like to hold their mouse in a palm-grip style.

Although it fits perfectly with the palm-grip style, this Tecware Torque+ Mouse can still support users with a claw grip or fingertip grip, thanks to the left and right sides designed with grips. Tecware Torque+ comes with medium dimensions and sizes. The appearance is minimalist.



Tecware Torque+ has eight buttons, three main buttons left-right click, and a scroll button. Two buttons on the back of the mouse by default to increase or decrease the DPI level. And the three buttons on the left side have functions for forwarding, Back, Double click (middle). The great thing is that you can configure all the buttons with the downloadable Tecware Torque+ Mouse software.

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The Tecware Torque+ is equipped with an RGB LED on the underside, slick with several coloring options. If you don’t want this mouse to turn on, you can turn it off using the software provided.

They are designed to be light enough for agile use. Tecware Torque+ is equipped with a Teflon coating on four sides, so it provides smooth movement of the field you are using. The cable is also wrapped in nylon paracord material to reduce friction between the cable and the table.


Agile and Precise Performance

This Tecware Torque+ comes with a weight of 97 grams which is quite light. It is suitable for FPS genre games that require fairly agile movements. With PixArt PMW3327, sensor performance supports up to a maximum of 6200 DPI, which makes all movements more precise.

When you want to change DPI settings quickly, a DPI setting button on the back of the mouse makes it easy to change DPI levels quickly. Just press up or down to set the DPI. Switching work and game settings are faster and more efficient. This mouse is designed for right-handed users, so the Tecware Torque+ is not Ambidextrous.

Teflon coating on the four corners on the bottom side of the mouse makes for a smooth mouse shift. Good when used on a wooden tabletop or when I use it on a mousepad.

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