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Sony ZV-E10 Review: Camera for Vlogging, Specifications, and Price


Sony ZV-E10 Review: Camera for Vlogging, Specifications, and Price – Sony ZV-E10 is a mirrorless camera for vloggers. In terms of sensors, the ZV-E10 carries a larger sensor than the Sony ZV-1 camera, which is also present for vloggers. For comparison, the ZV-E10 has an APS-C sensor format, while the ZV-1 has a 1-inch sensor.

Sony ZV-E10 Review

The APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor on the Sony ZV-E10 has a 24.2 MP sensor combined with the BIONZ X image processor to promise high-quality images and high sensitivity to light. That is, you don’t have to worry about recording using this camera in low light because this camera promises great detail with minimal noise interference.

“The APS-C Exmor CMOS on the Sony ZV-E10 has a 24.2 MP sensor combined with the BIONZ X image processor to promise high-quality images.”


Sony ZV-E10 Special Vlogging Features

In addition, the ZV-E10 includes a popular vlogging special feature loved on the ZV-1 mirrorless called ‘Background Defocus.’ This feature can seamlessly switch between bokeh and sharp backgrounds. A mode called “Produst Showcase Settings” allows the camera to automatically shift focus from the subject’s face to another object.

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Sony designed the ZV-E10 camera with a lightweight form factor, weighing in at only about 343 grams. This camera has an LCD screen with a flexible hinge. Thus, the user can record videos or shoot images from various angles, which is very difficult only with a non-movable LCD screen.

Main Specifications

  • 24MP. APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Highly reliable AF system with face and eye detection
  • 4K/24p video capture without cropping (4K/30p cropping)
  • 1080/120p capture for slow-motion footage (cropped)
  • Built-in 3-capsule directional microphone with windshield
  • Fully articulating touch-sensitive screen
  • 3.5 mm . headphone and microphone port
  • Capable of live streaming via USB-C connection
  • 440 shots per charge, 80 minutes continuous recording per charge
  • Capable of recording vertical video


Sony ZV-E10 Features and Functions

In addition to the screen, the Sony ZV-E10 includes several other easy-to-use functions that have been specifically designed for vlogging, including a new mode button located on the top of the camera. This allows content creators to easily switch between the Still/Movie/Slow function and Quick mode with just one touch.

The camera is capable of recording 4K resolution video (3840 x 2160 pixels) and Slow Motion with high image quality (Full HD 120p). Electronic image stabilization with Active Mode is also available and provides stable video recording even when walking and shooting with hands alone. Furthermore, the AF technology on the ZV-E10 provides fast and precise focusing capabilities.

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The ZV-E10 includes Fast Hybrid AF and Real-time Eye AF for video with Real-time Tracking, which allows the camera to track the subject’s face and eyes for fast and accurate autofocusing.

Users can also adjust the camera’s AF settings, such as AF Transition Speed ​​and AF Subject Shift Sensitivity, to select the camera’s speed from one point to another according to their creative preferences.

Not to forget the Touch Focus function that allows users to adjust the focus position intuitively just by touching the screen. With just one tap, users can instantly shift the focus position from one subject to another. It is available in photo and video modes.


Conclusion and Price

Sony Alpha ZV-E10 is also a camera that is very suitable to support the activities of users who are implementing work from home, school from home, or other online activities.

Sony ZV-E10 can be used as a webcam or high-quality live streaming camera by simply connecting it to a PC or smartphone to increase mobility while streaming without the need for additional software.

The Sony ZV-E10 will be available in black or white for a body-specific price of $700. You can also choose one that comes with a Sony 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Power Zoom lens for $800.

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