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Sony PSVR2 Review: Specifications, Features and Price


Sony PSVR2 Review: Specifications, Features, and Price – Sony announced its latest generation of VR headsets, called PSVR 2 or PlayStation VR 2. Sony confirmed this at CES 2022. On that occasion, Sony also presented a PSVR 2 controller console, called the Sense Controller.

Sony PSVR2 Review

Quoted in a post on the official PlayStation blog, this device exclusively used only for the PS5 promises to take players to a new level. The headset has a very significant specification increase, which will provide an opportunity for players to dive deeper into the game world.


Sony PSVR2 Features

PSVR 2 is not only able to take advantage of PS5 hardware capabilities, but also significant specification improvements, such as a higher screen resolution (2000 x 2040 pixels for each eye, or a total of 4000 x 2040 pixels), 90/120Hz refresh rate, and an OLED panel. The screen also supports HDR and a 110-degree field of view.

More Realistic Game Play

Sony also embeds four cameras on the PSVR 2 headset. Including an IR camera that can track and control eye movements. And also detects hand movement via the controller without the need for an external camera.

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This eye movement sensor can be an additional input for the characters in the game. For example, players can interact more intuitively and more realistically.

“The movement and direction you’re looking at will be reflected in the game without the need for an external camera,” Sony said in its blog post.

Not only announcing the latest generation of VR headsets, but Sony also confirmed the first game that can be played using PSVR 2, namely Horizon Call of The Mountain.


VR Game Horizon Call of The Mountain

The game was made by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite Games – a studio that was just acquired by PlayStation last September. “The Horizon Call of the Mountain game is being built specifically for PSVR2 and will open the door for players to dive deeper into the world of Horizon,” said Sony.

It has not been explained when Sony will release PSVR 2 because they still have to perfect the VR headset device. It is intended that this device can virtually provide a more realistic gaming experience.

Sony PSVR2 Specifications

Here are the detailed specifications of the PSVR 2:

  • Display method: OLED.
  • Panel resolution: 2000 x 2040 per eye.
  • Panel refresh rate: 90Hz, 120Hz.
  • Lens separation: Adjustable.
  • Field of view: Approx. 110 degrees.
  • Motion sensor: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer).
  • Cameras: 4 cameras for headset and controller tracking, IR camera for eye-to-eye tracking.
  • Input: Vibration on the headset.
  • Communication with PS5: USB Type-C.
  • Audio: Built-in microphone input, Stereo headphone jack output.
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Sony PSVR2 Price

It is not known how much the VR Headset is predicted to be the latest technology. However, we will provide the price range that Sony will apply for this headset. We made this price estimate by comparing the prices of several other VR headsets.

The PSVR starter bundle currently retails for $200, while the Oculus Quest 2, the wildly popular headset, typically retails for $299. However, the PSVR starter bundle has seen a reduction in price since it has been on the market for so long.

Sony will probably aim for somewhere between the original price and the current $200.00 – 290.00 PSVR bundle if it wants the PSVR 2 to hit the market.


In addition to announcing the latest VR headset device, Sony also announced the newest generation of VR headset controllers, BR2 Sene. The controller is also said to have a feel congruent with the overall vibe of the PlayStation 5, although it feels softer.

Both devices have a primary focus on ergonomics, and the initial response from testers has been positive. In addition, there is a new lens adjustment knob to help users ensure good eye comfort.

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