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Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 Review: Specification, Feature & Price


Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 Review: Specification, Feature & Price – While there are many TWS or wireless earphones on the market, most of the available options are designed to block out outside sound. Through unique ear tip materials and features such as ANC, for example. However, through the latest TWS Sony LinkBuds, it is designed the other way around, aka so that you can still hear outside sounds.

Is there a market? Of course. Call it Apple, which released the TWS open-ear type from the beginning through the AirPods series, where the AirPods 3 continued to use the old earbud design without the rubber ear tip on AirPods Pro. Designs like this don’t block out outside sounds, although the challenge is to have one-size-fits-all.

Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 Review

Sony again presents the latest TWS called Sony LinkBuds Truly Wireless Earbuds. Unlike most TWS, this time, Sony tried its luck by presenting a unique design called the “open ring design.” Named LinkBuds, these wireless earbuds adopt an innovative design never before seen in any wireless earbud.


Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 Specifications

  • Bluetooth 5.2 with an effective range of about 10 meters
  • The frequency range in the 2.4 GHz band (2.4000 GHz–2.4835 GHz)
  • Has dimensions of 41.4 x 48.5 x 30.9 mm
  • Weighs 34 grams
  • Support SBC and AAC audio formats
  • Battery capacity up to 2.5 hours
  • Sony LinkBuds can be used continuously up to a maximum of 17.5 hours
  • Has an IPX4 rating
  • Supports Fast Pair for Android as well as Swift Pair for Windows 10/11
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LinkBuds WFL-900 Design

The Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 comes with a completely different design. The tip that goes into the ear is in the form of a ring with a hole in the middle. This device is also not here to replace the WF-1000XM4 series, which still provides the best audio experience, even though both use the same chipset for similar advanced features.

The design of the earbuds resembles a donut shape. Round, with a hole in the middle of the earbuds. This design is presented with the hope that the wearer can get a more immersive and better ambient sound.

Overall the unique design is similar to the number 8. There is no earpiece to insert into the ear canal. Instead, Sony provides silicone fins so the LinkBuds can fit perfectly in the ears and don’t come off quickly. It is a very small design with a weight of only 4.1 grams makes it very comfortable to use all day long. The design is also waterproof with an IPX4 rating.


Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 Features

Sony LinkBuds comes with an open-back design. Open-back designs are very common for headphones and headsets. However, this design has never been adopted into wireless earbuds.

The open-back design means that LinkBuds allows you to hear sounds from your surroundings while listening to music. So, there’s no need to use the transparency mode, which has become a standard feature in modern wireless earbuds.

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The secret, Sony LinkBuds is the first to carry a ring-type driver design. With this ring-shaped driver module, you can listen to the music playing and the sounds of the surrounding environment at the same time.

Doesn’t Have ANC Features

The TWS Sony LinkBuds are designed using completely recycled plastic materials. This accessory also supports IPX4 certification to be used for sports. Although there is no rubber on the ring, the core is equipped with a circular rubber band that can be replaced with four options.

Through an open ring solution, Sony also said that Sony LinkBuds provide a “Never Off” experience, aka free to use for a full day without making the ears feel tired or irritated. The hole in the center is intended to allow users to still hear the ambient sound, and Sony provides several examples of scenarios for using it.

Certainly not for those who just want to enjoy music or sound from earphones. This Sony’s new TWS also still has a noise-canceling feature (ANC) when calling, so you can focus more on chat. How to control it is also unique. Instead of touching the earbuds, users can touch the outer skin area in front of the earbuds through customizable gestures.


Audio Volume Can Up And Down Automatically

Sony LinkBuds offers up to 5.5 hours of battery life, plus an additional 12 hours from a case that unfortunately doesn’t support wireless charging. The driver itself is 12mm in size and already supports the instant connection process with Android and Windows. Use the Integrated Processor V1, some of the smart features of the WF-1000XM4 brought here.

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Call it Adaptive Volume Control, where the audio volume level will automatically change according to the surrounding conditions (loud outdoors, reduced in a quiet office space). Speak-to-Chat is also present, so Sony LinkBuds will automatically stop the song when it detects the user is talking and continue playing it a few seconds later.

Sony has also teamed up with Spotify to provide special shortcut access directly from the earbuds.

Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 Price

Sold cheaper than its flagship TWS, Sony LinkBuds comes in two colors (Dark Gray & White). It costs $179.99 and is available in stages starting today, at least in the United States.


Sony LinkBuds will be suitable for those of you who have started working from the office, so you can listen to music while chatting with office friends. This includes driving while on the phone to stay aware of your surroundings and playing games like Pokemon Go to hear sounds from the real and virtual worlds.

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