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Recommended Popular Domains Other Than .COM For Your Website


Recommended Popular Domains

Recommended Popular Domains Other Than .COM For Your Website – When you want to create a website, one of the most important things is to set up a domain. In short, the domain is the name that is used to make it easier for visitors to access the website that you create. Well, there are quite a few examples of domains that you may be very familiar with, such as,,, or others.

In addition to the variety of domain names as in the example above, there are also various domain extensions that you can choose from. While .com domain extensions tend to be more popular, they generally have a higher price tag.

However, if you want to create a website with a more economical budget, there are several examples of domain extensions other than .com to choose from. What are the options? Check out the full review!

Variety Of Popular Domain Extensions Other Than .COM For Choice As mentioned earlier, the .com extension is indeed the most popular domain but generally has a high price. So, please look at the availability of other popular domain extensions for your website choice.

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What are the extension options?

1) .net

.net can also be the right choice for extensions on the website that you are going to create. This extension option is starting to be widely used because it has an exciting side in choosing the domain name. At first glance, .net gives the impression of representing the word internet and showing its technical superiority. However, this type of extension is generally used for other IT-based companies or agencies in the world of websites.

2) .org

If you want to create a website related to the organization, then the .org domain extension is the most appropriate choice. As the name implies, .org represents the identity of a website that contains various content about the world of the organization it is running.

If you create an organization website with this type of domain extension, then there will be a better and improved image of the organization you manage. Of course, this kind of thing helps the various programs and campaigns organized by the organization.

3) .co

The .co domain extension is an identity that identifies a Colombian citizen in the managed website. However, you can still use this website extension to create various websites, ranging from news, company, portfolio, and other websites.

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What’s interesting about this website extension is the similarity of the extension’s name to .com. It is undeniable. This resemblance makes the .co domain extension widely used.

4) .me

This domain extension can be said to be one of the newest compared to other types of extensions. The initial appearance of this domain extension was around 2016. Initially, the .me domain extension was used by bloggers as a means to introduce their identity.

Well, because it is widely used, this domain extension is getting more and more popular nowadays. Some of the domain extensions above could be the right choice for you. Of course, please consider several aspects before choosing the domain extension for your website.

Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

As explained earlier, the domain will make it easier for visitors to visit your website. Therefore, you must also select the right domain name in addition to choosing the right domain extension.

Well, to choose a domain name, there are some tips that you need to know. One crucial piece of information is to choose a name that is neither too short nor too long. Make sure that the domain name is in the 4 to 12 character range.

Also, avoid using numbers or conjunctions. Besides being less straightforward, it is also quite difficult for users to remember.

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With the tips above, you can choose a domain name more easily. In addition, search for information on various sample domains for additional references.

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