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Recommendations Best AI Tools for Designers (2022)


Recommendations Best AI Tools for Designers (2022) – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have contributed significantly to our lives by making our activities more straightforward. AI and ML play an important role in changing how we work, live, and even how a business can operate.

Several businesses have adopted AI tools, one of which is AI in graphic design, to generate new world possibilities in working on designs. With the rapid growth and development of technology, some people feel that AI is a threat that will replace their job or career.

Recommendations Best AI Tools for Designers

In terms of graphic design, AI will not replace the designer, but it is more like a tool that makes complex tasks easier for a designer. This article will share some of the best AI tools for a graphic designer.


1. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is an AI tool created to help a designer enhance and enlarge an image without distorting it. This AI tool uses machine learning to improve low-quality images.

Let’s Enhance has 3 primary filters:

  • Anti-JPEG filter to remove JPEG artifacts and convert images to PNG format.
  • Boring Filter can enhance the image 4x while retaining all the details.
  • Magic Filters are filters for designers to add important details to their images.

2. Removebg

This removebg can help remove any image background. Designers use this a lot because it is more efficient. Besides, there are about 20 million more interesting activities than removing the background on this site.

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3. Fronty

Fronty is an AI-based design tool to help designers and front-end developers convert images into HTML/CSS code. Designers can develop web pages simply by uploading design images.

Once the design is loaded, Fronty will automatically generate front-end code (HTML/CSS) in minutes. In addition, through the UI editor built into Fronty, designers can easily change the content and design of their websites online.

4. Chroma

Color is the most important element for a graphic designer because it affects important moments in the success of their designs. Khroma is an AI color tool to assist designers in detecting and saving the color palettes they are used to.

Khroma uses AI to identify a set of colors that a designer likes or is used to and creates palettes automatically for future designs. Khorma helps designers share and save color palettes for different clients when using their brand colors.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How AI Helps Designers Work

A study by Pfeiffer revealed that 62% of design professionals believe artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (Machine Learning) will be critical to their creative role. What’s more, 76% of survey respondents agree that their creative possibilities have increased over the past few years.

In many ways, AI and user experience (UX) design go hand in hand. For example, artificial intelligence relies on continuous learning by leveraging data. The same can be said for UX design. It is an ongoing process of testing and optimization based on user feedback.

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When applied to UX design, AI can implement optimization processes. This technology can collect and analyze large amounts of data quickly, much faster than humans.

It can use the information to run A/B (AB Testing) tests automatically, understand test results and update the product or design accordingly. You can then restart the process by testing other elements of the design. It may sound like artificial intelligence doing all the work. However, it still requires input from designers.

The AI ​​system and designer will work side by side. The designer will be the decision-maker and provide the algorithm’s information, rules, and conditions, which will then carry out the task.

For example, there are several ways AI can improve the capabilities of a UX designer, including:

  • Reducing the repetitive workload (repetitive) to increase productivity
  • Provides insight to the designer in terms of determining the optimal design based on several data points
  • Improve data analysis capabilities and process optimization
  • Make the design system look better & more comfortable in the eyes of the user

As for clients or Users:

  • Facilitate a more personalized user experience
  • Increase conversion rate


You may already be using artificial intelligence for your design work without even realizing it.

For example, suppose you use an Adobe product. In that case, you are likely already using Adobe Sensei, a layer of intelligence that empowers features using AI and machine learning to improve the user experience.

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Some of Adobe’s AI-powered features include:

  • Deep Learning can help users find suitable assets so that design projects can be completed quickly
  • Machine Learning helps you better understand how customers behave and anticipate what they need.

UiZard is another tool that integrates AI to streamline the design process. It automatically converts a handwritten or sketched design into a digital design. With sketch files and front-end code, it saves UX designers time.

Given how artificial intelligence is being used in a design, it is clear to see that doing so will help designers and not take their jobs, contrary to inevitable fears. The business has continued to grow due to innovative and advanced technology. We must adapt to the world around us to remain competitive.

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