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Recommendation The Best Websites for Creating a Free Blog


Recommendation The Best Websites for Creating a Free Blog – Some applications or platforms can help you create a free blog to publish your articles. Some don’t necessarily require good technical skills, follow a few simple guidelines, and you should be able to create content that internet users around the world can access.

Websites for Creating a Free Blog

Here are some popular platforms/websites for creating a free blog that you can try:


WordPress is one of the most popular website creation platforms in the world. WordPress provides two primary services, namely and can use for free.

Users register on the website page and can immediately create a website using a WordPress web hosting server. This platform is very flexible to use because you can add various plugins, change themes, and even use your theme.

There are hundreds of themes from online stores, office applications to the latest technology that you can find when using the platform. However, some features can be used when you use a business or paid account.



With the jargon of “Your Private Online Journal,” offers a journal-sharing platform with a high level of security. Penzu keeps your journal safe with double password protection and powerful military encryption to ensure what you enter is safe in the Penzu Vault.

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In addition, the flexibility offered is also an attraction in itself, such as the three types of blogs provided: Daily Diary (public), Expressive Journal (private), and Travel Journal.

3. is a writing platform that you can use for free. The medium was developed by Evan Williams, former CEO of Twitter and co-developer of Blogger and Biz Stone.

Since many writers have used 2012 to share their writings, the attractive appearance and minimalist impression make people feel at home to surf in it.

4. is a very comprehensive website builder to help you build a website quickly; without coding. Users can create personal, business, event, portfolio, and blog websites. There are also several themes that you can use right away without having to build them from scratch. also offers website development by drag and drop only. You can customize the view without having to deal with lines of code. There are also more than 200 applications with good quality that make website development simpler. Its applications such as scheduling, accounting, live chat, and many more.

Website Hosting

5. is a fairly easy-to-use website to build an attractive site. Users can customize the appearance of the browser-based interface by simply dragging and dropping elements to customize the page. This platform is suitable for those who want to create a professional web such as a company profile.

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Not only company profiles, but users can also create various types of websites according to their respective purposes and uses.


This platform is certainly not foreign to you. has even been around since I was a kid myself. This platform has been around since 2003 and was developed by Google through Pyra Labs. In general, bloggers are accessed using the domain address.

It is one of the most popular platforms nowadays. The guarantee of security and convenience provided because it is integrated with Google is a positive value that this platform has.

Website development is also relatively easy. The navigation provided is not too confusing for users who have never even opened it. In addition, there is a custom domain feature that you can use to create a website using your domain (paid domain) for free without having to upgrade or pay.

7. is here to challenge other website builders. They offer website development straightforward for new users or users already familiar with website development. To date, has been used by more than 125 million users worldwide.

There are hundreds of professional templates that are for and different from the rest. Like any other website builder, also offers several additional applications that you can use to run your website according to your needs, such as an online store and social media.

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Many websites can be a means to spread your writings for free and easily. In addition to offering convenience, they also provide an attractive appearance so that it is not boring for visitors to read its articles.

You can also use several platforms to share the writings or content you want to create. If you need a guide to creating a blog, please read the tutorial on How to Create a Blog in Easy Steps.

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