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Recommendation Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone Users 2022


Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

Recommendation Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone Users 2022 – Video editing is an essential skill that must be possessed by people who want to beautify social media. The application for editing videos on iOS provides exciting features for its users. Here are three of the best video editing apps on iOS.


1. iMovie

iMovie is an application for editing videos on iPhone and iPad that offers a professional look. Start by collecting original video clips or trailers. The latest version of the Super Retina display on iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 is stunning with the Metal API for graphics processing.

Other features are file access from external hard drives, SD card readers, USB drives, support for Dark Mode in iOS 13, and theme music soundtracks based on clip length. Plus, the app provides tons of templates as well as built-in professional soundtracks and effects.

iMovie App

2. Vizmato

Vizmato is a video editing application that provides an efficient interface for creating HD video recordings with special effects. The app also offers a slideshow maker with built-in themes such as Basic, Happy, Romance, Party, Holiday, HipHop, Vintage, Chaplin, Sci-Fi, and 8MM.

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Plus, the combination of visual filters with music can give your videos an exciting look.


Vizmato App

3. Cyberlink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is a feature-packed app in a small package plus video features downloaded directly from Google Drive. The CyberLink PowerDirector offers a familiar timeline interface that combines videos with additional special effects, images, audio, voiceover, speed adjustments, music, and more.

The app also provides premium content for full-HD production, watermark removal, ad removal, and content packs are available free for seven days and via subscription.

Cyberlink PowerDirector App

So, those are the three best video editing apps on iOS. Lots of exciting features for an elegant video display that you shouldn’t miss.

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