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Difficulty Printing F4 Size Paper in Microsoft Word, Here’s How!


Printing F4 Paper in Microsoft Word

Difficulty Printing F4 Size Paper in Microsoft Word, Here’s How! – In general, we often see the printed paper’s size as A4. It has become a national and international standard when printing documents using A4 size. But what happens if we want to print a document in F4 size?

Many people misunderstand that the F4 paper is the same as the Legal paper. Even though in terms of both Legal and F4, it is slightly different, although slightly. Legal-size is 21.59 cm x 35.56 cm. The size of the F4 itself is 21.5 cm x33 cm.

Thin, right? But still, the size given has a difference. So, what if we have to print it via Microsoft Word? Of course, some settings must be done. To find out, let’s follow the steps below.


2 How to Print F4 Size Paper

1. Set Microsoft Word Settings

One of the most frequently used document software is Microsoft Word. Usually, document settings have been set to A4 either by the manufacturer or first installed. To rearrange it, consider the following explanation.

  • Go to Microsoft Word. Both versions 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2016 have the same system settings.
  • Next, Buddy Androbuntu goes to Page Layout and goes to Size.
  • There you see many sizes that have been provided, ranging from Letter to B5.
  • In this section, you only need to select More Paper Sizes.
  • After that, you will go to the Page Setup page / Go to the paper size section and select the custom size.
  • Change the Width to 21.59 cm and Height to 33 cm. If you want to convert it to inches, please change the Width to 8.5 “and Height to 13”. When finished, click OK.
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By following these steps, we have succeeded in converting the paper page to F4 Size. Maybe in some versions of Microsoft Word, there is a slight difference. However, the bottom line is still the same.

Paper Size In Microsoft Office

2. Set the Paper Print Settings

After we set the paper size in Microsoft Word, now we go to the paper print settings section. The method is below.

  • Log back into Microsoft Word. There you press the CTRL + P keys on the keyboard.
  • If the page appears in the Printer section, you click Printer Properties.
  • Later you will go to the Print page. After that, you select the Properties section.
  • In it, you focus on the printer paper size or often referred to as the printer paper size, and choose Custom.
  • After that, a pop-up will appear, allowing you to resize it. This is where you can just set it by changing the unit to “mm.” Then change the Width to 215 and the Height to 330.
  • When everything is in order, you have to click OK.

You should note that all of the above settings can be used in any software related to printing. Examples include Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Photoshop, PDF, and many more.

Those are two ways to print paper with F4 Size from Microsoft Word. From the review above, we can see that printing paper of various sizes is relatively easy.

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We can change the paper according to our wishes as long as we can understand the methods. One more thing to watch out for is the printer.

With the settings given in the second point, we can adjust the paper size when printed correctly. Hopefully, this article is useful for you.

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