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Predicted 6 Cryptos Can Beat Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2022


Predicted 6 Cryptos Can Beat Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2022 – According to Google, Dogecoin (DOGE) is a crypto asset that will be in high demand in 2021. But DOGE’s popularity has started to wane after dropping more than 75 percent from a record high in May.

6 Cryptos Can Beat Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2022

Here are six crypto assets that have the potential to surpass DOGE’s market cap this year:

1. Algorand (ALGO)

First, Algorand (ALGO) is a smart contract crypto asset that is an alternative to Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum is experiencing problems with high transaction fees and network congestion, so Algorand is gaining popularity.

The reason is, ALGO can be staked on several platforms, including the Coinbase crypto exchange. Staking helps network security and provides returns to investors.

2. Cosmos (ATOM)

Second, Cosmos (ATOM) is a smart contract platform that focuses on interoperability. Sustainability between cryptocurrencies is a huge challenge, and Cosmos is trying to answer it.

Ranking the 30th largest market cap, Cosmos has plenty of room to make it big and catch up with DOGE at 12th.

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3. Polygons (MATIC)

Third, Polygon (MATIC) is a sidechain for Ethereum that functions to strengthen performance. Polygon uses a variety of ways to make Ethereum faster and more cost-effective, helping developers find solutions for their projects.


4. Helium (HNT)

Fourth, Helium (HNT) brings decentralization to wireless infrastructure. A network of individual users provides access to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Users can earn HNT tokens and contribute to the network by managing hotspots.

5. Graph (GRT)

Fifth, The Graph (GRT) is a tool that helps smart contracts. Smart contracts need accurate information to run automatically, and this is what The Graph does. The Graph is a data index tool that helps decentralized applications access that data. GRT’s performance in 2020 was pretty good, but now it’s below DOGE.

6. Engine (ENJ)

Sixth, Enjin (ENJ) is a gaming token and a very booming metaverse these days. The NFT industry encompasses various digital collectibles such as art, music, and games. But investors who are not active in the sector have a hard time knowing which games or metaverse will capture the most market share.

Instead of chasing the next trend, investors can buy infrastructure for metaverse projects. Enjin is an NFT platform that simplifies creating and managing NFTs.

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