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OPPO Enco Air Review: Luxury Features, Comfortable to Wear


OPPO Enco Air Review: Luxury Features, Comfortable to Wear – After presenting the OPPO Enco Buds, the OPPO Enco Air is here for consumers with different preferences in listening to music or communicating. Does the difference it brings make it more attractive or worth buying? Here’s a review.

OPPO Enco Air Review

OPPO Enco Air comes with a rounded casing with a semi-transparent cover. Unlike the previous TWS variants, the Enco Air comes with a matte surface finish. This keeps the case from slipping when held and gives it a premium look.

The size is relatively compact, but it is flatter when compared to the OPPO Enco Buds case. This offers convenience to carry around, put in a trouser pocket, pocket, or hold it. There is a power indicator light on the face of the case. At the same time, the charging port with type-C type is on the bottom side. On the backside, there is the OPPO logo placed on the hinge of the casing cover.


Enco Air earphone stems are designed to be around 3.5 cm in length. Although relatively small, the stem of the Enco Air earphone contains various components and supports touch control to make it easier to operate the earphones without always having to open the phone. OPPO Enco Air has an overall weight of around 40.4 grams. This TWS is very light.

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This device is equipped with a feature called “AI-Powered Noise Cancellation for Calls.” Don’t be fooled because this noise reduction technology is especially present when used when calling. Take advantage of the two microphones built into each earbud.

The OPPO Enco Air also became the first TWS in the world to successfully go through the test process from TUV Rheinland. The test ensures device performance, as well as low latency, has passed in various scenarios. So don’t be surprised if the call quality is quite good.

OPPO Enco Air can be used to listen to music for up to 4 hours. The reason is that the earbuds’ weight is very light, and the battery is also tiny, only 25 mAh. Not the most durable, indeed, but it’s quite enough. At the same time, the charging case is also slim to accommodate a 440 mAh battery for a total usage time of up to 24 hours—no need to worry about charging it every day.

Already using the USB-C port, another excellent feature is fast charging, just like the OPPO smartphone series. In just 10 minutes, OPPO Enco Air can be used to play songs for up to 8 hours.



Each earbud on the OPPO Enco Air is equipped with a very large driver, 12mm made of titanium composite. In addition to the powerful bass booster, the sound output is the result of the configuration of the OPPO research team, which has been running for 15 years.

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What OPPO wants to present is to provide the purest possible audio output. And indeed, this device can provide a balanced output. Bass is still there, although not dominant and abundant. But other instruments sound richer.


OPPO is again offering products with quality and attractive features. Not only comes with good sound quality but OPPO Enco Air can also be used to play games with the low-latency Game Mode feature.

Excellent battery life and relatively short charging are other advantages that OPPO offers. Sold in the $99.00 range, the OPPO Enco Air should be an option for those of you who want a TWS with the best sound and features.

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