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Online Businesses with the Most Opportunity to Earn in 2021


Online Businesses in 2021

Online Businesses with the Most Opportunity to Earn in 2021 – Since 2020, many aspects of our lives have changed. Students and teachers are now engaged in teaching and learning activities from home. Office workers also no longer work in offices but from home.

And much more has changed, all because of this endless pandemic. Some of you may be unlucky to work from home, for example, being dismissed from the company because of a reduction in employees.

As people live in today’s technology and internet era, we can still make many things to make money. If creative, we can use the internet to find additional money (or even main income).

Online Business opportunities that you can do in 2021:

1. Online Businesses Dropshipping


For those who don’t know, dropshipping is an online business where we offer products from other people or companies on the internet. If there is a purchase, we will only order the goods we sell from the goods’ owner.

And the owner of the goods will send the goods directly to consumers who order from us on our behalf. So that later the consumer thinks that we are the one who sent the item.

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If it’s compact, the workflow looks something like this:

  • You register on the item owner’s site
  • You promote the item on your blog/web /social media
  • Some people order you
  • You order from the owner of the item
  • The owner of the goods sends the item to the person who orders it to you
  • You have the advantage
  • Well, something like that.
What’s the difference between dropshipping and reseller?

There is one fundamental difference between dropshipping and reseller. In the dropping system, you don’t need to buy goods or stock up. Your job is to pass on purchases from buyers to original sellers.

So you can say you don’t need capital in this dropshipping system. All you need is time to promote on blogs, the web, or social media.

As for the reseller or reselling system, you usually have to buy the item you want to sell first, then sell it. In other words, in the reseller system, you need capital to buy goods at the start.

How interested in trying a dropshipping business? Just search on Google for the keywords “dropship” or “dropshipping,” many goods owners offer this kind of business model.

2. Create a Blog or Website


Did you know that having a blog and a website can be a good source of income? What’s more, if your blog or website has many visitors, then the potential income you can get is even greater.

Well, this could be the next online business opportunity that Androbuntu’s friend can live for in 2021. To have a website or blog, you need a little capital at the beginning, namely to rent hosting and a domain.

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3. Video Editing Services


Video is a very effective promotional medium for introducing goods or services to potential customers. What’s more, with the increasing number of internet users, promoting using video on the internet has become necessary, ranging from large companies to individuals.

The demand for video editing services is so great that you can take advantage of this large demand to open a video editing service.

Where do you get clients for the video editing services you open?

It can be started from the closest people first, for example, to your friends who have a business (in any field). Offer them video editing services for the promotion of goods or services.

You can also make offers to large companies by sending an email to the company. Make sure you make some cool videos as your portfolio so that clients can use the video editing services you offer.

Upload the video that you have edited to social media such as YouTube or Instagram so that more people see it.

4. Photo Editing Services


Apart from videos, there is one more effective medium for online promotion, namely photos. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Instagram is the social media with the highest traffic globally. Because indeed, humans tend to be more interested in visuals.

Many companies and people need photo editing services to promote their business. If you have photo editing skills using Photoshop, Corel Draw, and the like, this is a very good opportunity to get some from the internet.

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You can offer this service on social media or on service marketplace sites that are now widely scattered on the internet.

5. Become a YouTuber


Must you have often read news from online media about YouTuber’s fantastic income? Some YouTubers can even earn up to hundreds of millions per month from AdSense.

Not to mention if there are partnerships with big brands that ask them to promote their products in videos. Therefore, nowadays, many people are competing to become YouTubers.

Well, you can also make this an online business to work on in 2021. However, starting a YouTube channel might be very difficult because you don’t have subscribers and advertising as a source of income.

The most important thing is to be consistent in making quality and entertaining videos so that your channel has an increase in views and subscribers every day.


Those were the online business ideas and opportunities that you can pursue in 2021. What number of online businesses do you want to run?

Or maybe some of you are already doing the online business above?

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