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Nokia X60 will use Huawei’s cross-platform operating system


Nokia X60 will use HarmonyOS

Nokia X60 will use Huawei’s cross-platform operating system – HarmonyOS, which was recently used as a cross-platform operating system by Huawei, will be used in the Nokia X60 series.

Huawei recently announced that HarmonyOS 2 is being developed as a cross-company operating system. The company has already signaled to other Chinese smartphone manufacturers to use its claims as an alternative replacement for the Android OS. However, there is no sign of Chinese OEMs using it yet. Instead, this OS will be adopted by a non-Chinese company, namely Nokia.

A rumor reports that the Finnish smartphone manufacturer will launch the Nokia X60 series later this year, running HarmonyOS. This rumor was first reported by Taiwanese media, who claimed the series consisted of the Nokia X60 and X60 Pro.



There is no information on which chipset to use. But its predecessor series, the Nokia X10 and X20, launched in April, are powered by the Snapdragon 480 chipset with a 5G modem. Although equipped with Zeiss sensors, this is not the company’s flagship device.

In addition, the Nokia X60 is expected to bring a curved screen and a 6,000 mAh battery capacity. As more and more smartphones with 100 MP sensors have appeared recently, this smartphone is also expected to pack a 200MP primary camera and some high-end features.

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However, since this is just a rumor, its authenticity cannot be confirmed. Chances are, this Nokia smartphone with HarmonyOS will only launch as a Chinese version. And this is an excellent opportunity for Nokia as its devices will perform better in the bamboo curtain country.

So far, the Chinese brands already using HarmonyOS are Midea smart home products, including refrigerators.

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