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Microsoft Surface Pro 8: 120Hz Display and Removable SSD


Microsoft Surface Pro 8: 120Hz Display and Removable SSD – In a recent leak, it is known that the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will come with a 120Hz screen, 2 Thunderbolt ports, and a removable SSD.

Microsoft is currently preparing to launch its latest laptop, the Surface Pro 8, in the near future. Reportedly, they will introduce several SKUs at once in this launch.

However, Microsoft still has not provided any information related to their latest product. Fortunately, a leak has surfaced, which shows some of the main specifications of the device.


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The leak reveals that the Surface Pro 8 will have a 13-inch 120Hz display. The exciting thing is that this new device will have a total of two Thunderbolt ports.

The Verge (20/9) also reports that the Surface Pro 8 will ship without a USB-A port. So, users must use an additional dongle to connect it to devices that use USB Type-A.

Not to forget, Microsoft is also rumored to be using a removable SSD. This means users will be able to switch their SSD to a bigger SSD to hold all their data.

As is known, Microsoft will hold a Surface launch event on September 22. They are announcing several devices besides the Surface Pro 8, such as the Surface Go 3, Surface Book 4, Surface Pro X, and the latest generation, Surface Duo.

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In the leak that is not yet known is about the price, Microsoft still keeps the selling price of Microsoft surface pro 8. If you’re really interested and looking forward to the surface pro 8, keep up to date with AllinGadget.

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