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Logitech Voice M380 Review: With Baidu Voice Recognition


Logitech Voice M380 Review

Voice recognition technology is now increasingly sophisticated, where features such as Google’s voice assistant can recognize Android user commands in various languages ​​and accents. This feature was then widely used, especially for those who are lazy to type. In China, the Logitech Voice M380 is presented with a similar feature.

Yes, imagine if a mouse or mouse device is equipped to recognize voice commands from its users. As the name implies, Logitech Voice M380 has a unique feature, namely Speech Input, powered by Speech & Machine Translation technology from Baidu Brain, a part of a large Chinese company, Baidu.

Through the presence of this device, Logitech has officially established a long-term partnership with Baidu Brain. That way, the Logitech Voice M380 isn’t the only device that has this feature it’s possible that later keyboards or keyboards released by Logitech can also listen to user voice input.


Can Translates 7 Languages

This feature in the Logitech Voice M380 is intended so that content creators can maximize their time to create specific content only by voice, which according to lab test results from Baidu, has a speed three times faster than typing. The technology carried by Baidu is not a can but has developed AI over the years until it is mature today.

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Its voice recognition feature can currently identify and translate a total of seven languages; Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, and Thai. The device can dictate around 400 words per minute, with claims of up to 98% success rate and accuracy. Especially for Chinese, English and Japanese only for this one feature.

To use these features, Logitech Voice M380 can work with and without an internet connection. Of course, it will be faster and more accurate to recognize the language when it is connected. It still uses one AA battery for the power itself, which is enough for 18 months of use.


Logitech’s newest mouse or mouse uses optics on the bottom to be more accurate and used on a variety of surfaces. Using wireless technology, between the module and the device can be operated up to a distance of 10 meters.


Meanwhile, the Logitech Voice M380 has only been released in China. It comes in three colour options, namely Graphite Black, Space Silver and Pink. The price is affordable for an accessory with advanced features, which is 199 CNY or 30.79 USD.

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