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Logitech Signature M650: Review, Specification, and Price


Logitech Signature M650: Review, Specification, and Price – Logitech has released its newest wireless mouse, the Signature M650. This mouse presents environmentally friendly technology that can be personalized to the needs of its users.

Logitech Signature M650 Review

The Signature M650 is available in two sizes, namely Medium and Large. This mouse is claimed to enhance the overall work experience with features such as SmartWheel Scrolling, almost silent clicks, and a contoured design for comfortable use.




Signature M650

  • H x W x D: 4.22 in x 2.43 in x 1.49 in
  • Weight: 3.57 oz (101.2 g)

Signature M650 L

  • H x W x D: 4.65 in x 2.58 in x 1.64 in
  • Weight: 3.93 oz (111.2 g)

Signature M650 L Left

  • H x W x D: 4.65 in x 2.58 in x 1.64 in
  • Weight: 3.93 oz (111.2 g)

Technical Specifications:

  • Sensor technology: Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking
  • Nominal value: 400 dpi (Up to 2000)
  • Connection Type: Logi Bolt USB Receiver
  • Bluetooth low energy technology
  • Wireless range: 10 m (33-ft) wireless range

Sustainability recycled material

  • Off-white plastics: 26%
  • Rose plastics: 26%
  • Graphite plastics: 64%


M650 Design

The Signature M650’s inclusive design lets users work comfortably for hours on end. And its side buttons can be customized to favorite shortcuts via Logitech Options+ software.

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The Signature M650 is available in off-white, graphite, and rose colors, compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, ipadOS, and Android operating systems. This mouse can also be connected instantly via Bluetooth Low Energy or the Logi Bolt USB receiver included in the sales package.

M650 Features

One of the main features offered by the Logitech Signature M650 is the SmartWheel feature. That way, it’s easier for users to scroll the mouse in the proper position. Especially when used to seeing things in detail with super-fast scrolling to view pages or long pages. Including changing modes with just a flick of a finger.

In addition, there is also a SilentTouch feature that can reduce mouse click noise by up to 90%. Then, for a connection other than Bluetooth, it can also be connected to a Logi Bolt dongle as a substitute for the Unifying Receiver.

The AA batteries used in the Logitech Signature M650 can last up to a maximum of two years. So, you don’t have to worry about the mouse running out of power when in use. Easier customization via side buttons using Logitech Options+ available on both Windows and macOS operating systems in your favorite shortcuts.


Eco-Friendly Mouse

Interestingly, the Signature M650 mouse components are made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, making them more environmentally friendly. Given this, Logitech has taken the initiative to use PCR plastics, starting with the Logitech mouse and keyboard portfolio, as well as new products where possible.

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Logitech’s PCR program illustrates our brand’s commitment to designing sustainable products and ensuring that plastics in end-of-life consumer electronics get a ‘second life.’

Battery Life

In addition to a wireless connection that is claimed to be strong. The battery can also last up to two years, giving users the convenience of being cordless and without worrying about changing batteries frequently. Comes in two sizes, contoured shape, soft thumb area, and rubber side grips.

M650 Price and Conclusion

Currently, the company is taking the initiative to continue to increase its commitment to the use of PCR plastics, starting with the Logitech mouse and keyboard portfolio and new products where possible. The Logitech Signature M650 and Signature M650 L mice are priced at $39.99.

From the above review, it can be concluded that the Logitech Signature M650 wireless mouse is perfect for those of you who work with high activities—especially working with computers and high mobility. Such as graphic designers, video editors, and others.

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