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List of Various Types of NFT Traded, You Must Know!


List of Various Types of NFT Traded – Recently, the development of NFT in the world has been quite fast. Now many netizens are discussing NFT on various social media, such as Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. The faster the development of NFT, the more types of NFT are present.

Curious about what types of NFT are being traded? Come on, see together!

What is NFT?

An acronym for Non-Fungible Token, NFT is a digital token linked to a blockchain system that can sell and buy various works of art, such as videos, music, tweets, designs, animations, memes, and so on.

Due to its function that can be used to sell works of art, it can be concluded that NFT is a breath of fresh air, especially for artists and collectors. Through NFT, artists will automatically receive proof of digital ownership certification and can sell their work.

The above also applies to art and entertainment connoisseurs. They can buy a variety of unique digital works in the blockchain system, and of course, get a certificate of ownership from the creator of the work if the art connoisseur finally agrees to buy the work.

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Artists and Collectors, Actors in the NFT World

In the world of NFT, those who produce and exhibit their work through NFT are called artists or creators. Creators can come from various circles, such as artists and musicians. Involving NFT in creating works is certainly a breakthrough for creators because it can remove barriers or limitations such as location and time.

After the creator, there is a collector. Collectors are those who enjoy NFT Art and have the potential to purchase NFT works. The purpose of collectors in buying NFT Art is because they like the art or serve it as an investment asset because the price may soar in the future.

List of Various Types of NFT

After knowing the actors in the NFT world, here are the types of NFT that are popular and traded today:

1. NFT art

NFT art is one of the most popular types of NFT created by creators. In simple terms, NFT Art is a work of art issued in the form of a crypto token and can be traded on the blockchain system. Artwork in NFT Art usually refers to designs, videos, logos, and so on.

Creators who will sell their NFT Art can exhibit their work to potential collectors through various available marketplaces.

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2. NFT music

For musicians, NFT can share ownership of songs with loyal listeners and collectors of music lovers. What’s more, NFT Music is still relatively rare and hard to find. Reporting from Ditto Music (2/6/21), until now, there are approximately 150 works of NFT Music in circulation and will continue to grow over time.

For musicians and collectors who want to showcase and enjoy NFT Music, you can search for it on the Opulus marketplace. Opulus is the first platform to issue copyright for NFT Music and can be an option for musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic to generate passive income.

3. NFT Games

What can be categorized into NFT Games are complimentary items or components, such as skins, accessories, cards, etc. For gamers, of course, this is a cash field because they can have unique NFT Games and can resell them on the blockchain-based game market. In addition, if more collectors buy NFT Games, of course, this can boost the economic ecosystem in the game.

Those are the various types of NFT that are popular and often traded. And own NFT Art now!

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