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List of Applications that Steal the Most User Data!


List of Applications that Steal the Most User Data! – As smartphone users, it seems that we have to be more careful. Because now many smartphone applications unconsciously take our data. Apple recently updated the privacy policy of their operating system. Apple provides more information on how apps use user data and where it’s using.

Using Apple’s new privacy label featured on the App Store, cloud security company pCloud identifies which apps share the most personal data with third parties and which ones collect the most for their benefit.

There is some information that the user agrees to collect by the application when registering. Although this data is voluntarily passed on to the developer, the user may know what information the application wants.

Information ranging from the browser history, location, banking details, contact lists to fitness levels can help applications store, use, or sell. Even though they all have a responsibility to keep this data safe, that does not necessarily mean it will remain in their hands.

Applications Steal the Most user Data

The following is a list of applications that share their users with third parties.



In that list, Instagram stunned the winner by sharing 79 percent of user data with other companies. This includes everything from purchase information, personal data, and browsing history. Meanwhile, in second place, Facebook provides 57 percent of the data, while LinkedIn and Uber Eats both sell 50 percent.

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The pCloud study also revealed that 80 percent of apps use user data for marketing their products in the app and beyond. This includes apps serving their ads on other platforms and in-app promotions for their benefit or to third parties paying for those services.

For additional information, here is a list of the applications that collect the most data for their benefit.


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