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Lenovo Yoga T500 Play Smart Projector Review, Specs and Price


Lenovo Yoga T500 Play Smart Projector Review, Specs, and Price – Lenovo has just launched a new projector which has started to be added to its popular Yoga lineup. Their latest smart projector with the name Yoga T500 Play Edition in China. The main attraction of this latest projector from Lenovo is its large battery with a capacity of 22,500 mAh, providing up to 5 hours of usage time without a power outlet.

Lenovo Yoga T500 Play Review

The Yoga T500 Play features 1080p DLP projection technology. Equipped with a 0.23-inch DMD digital micro-mirror chip to achieve Full HD 1080p native resolution and is compatible with 4K resolution.

The projector supports HDR10+, HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) dual high dynamic decoding thanks to the Amlogic T972 SoC. Paired with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, and Lenovo’s exclusive EEP image quality algorithm engine, which helps reduce image noise and increase contrast.


It comes in a chassis that many consumers may want to keep in their homes (provided they like lots of soft gold in the same accessory); once again, the T500 Play can also be used on the go thanks to its 22,500mAh battery. Lenovo confirms that the projector can stay on for about 3 hours or 2 to 3 movies.

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Yoga T500 Play Specifications

Brand Lenovo
Model YOGA T500 Play projector
Status Available
Launch Date December 2021
4k compatible Yes
Projection 1080p
Storage 32GB
HDR10 Yes
Brightness 1400 nits


The Lenovo Yoga T500 smart projector has a brightness of 1400 ANSI lumens, which adapts quickly thanks to the “Cat’s Eye” sensor, which modulates the luminosity to match the human eye according to the ambient lighting conditions.

Lenovo has also packed first-party EEP technology into the new projectors to improve their image quality. Focus in any direction is automatic, so users don’t have to worry.

The T500 Play has a brightness of up to 6-700 ANSI lumens, which can adapt quickly thanks to a “Cat’s Eye” sensor that modulates that luminosity to match the human eye according to the ambient lighting conditions. Lenovo has also packed first-party EEP technology into the new projectors to improve their image quality.


The new member of the Yoga family has a 1.2:1 projection ratio, which means it can display 16:9 images in sizes from 60 to 120 inches. This also has to do with keystone correction and focus with a 3-second latency. It also packs dual 12-inch 10W speakers for “immersive, cinema-quality” sound.


The Yoga T500 Play projector is compatible with all PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for wireless video streaming. The projector can connect to the user’s mobile device via Bluetooth. Lenovo has also equipped it with HDMI, SPDIF, and 3.5mm ports – not to mention 2 USBs: 1 type-A and one type-C with SuperSpeed ​​connection. This can be an attractive solution even for a computer or game console.

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Yoga T500 Price

Lenovo recently launched the Yoga T500 Play in the Chinese market. Where it can be ordered for the normal price of 2,999 yuan or US$471. There is also a new stand for devices with a maximum load of 5kg and 360° pan support for 499 yuan or $78.

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