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Know the Type of Robocalls, Beware of Spam Calls!


Know the Type of Robocalls, Beware of Spam Calls! – Robocalls has stepped up the “game” by masking their spam with a local-looking phone number that looks genuine.

Sometimes, their bullshit sounds funny, like when we get a threatening voicemail about our impending arrest on debt taxes, but it’s undoubtedly an unwanted annoyance.

What is Robocalls?

To note: a robocall is a crime mode using a pseudonym. Users fake an active mobile number, ostensibly a call from a robot, which is usually associated with a political campaign or emergency.

It is straightforward for these scammers to use the power of the internet and make countless calls with ease. Even if only a few people were fooled, they had made enough profit to cover their trivial expenses.



Robocalls in 2019!

Estimates put the number of robocalls in 2019 at over 50 billion. Both the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission said they were doing their best to address the situation, and yes, there was a significant crackdown.

But real-world feedback shows that things are getting worse and often feel out of control. As a result, the FCC has required US carriers to adopt technology that will significantly help combat spam calls.

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Know the Type of Robocalls

So, if to take a vibrating cell phone out of our pocket only to see a suspicious random number, let’s discuss options to fight back and restore peace.

Reviewing multiple definitions is important because operators make important distinctions between these calls. Even if everything is unwanted and annoying. Here’s how Verizon sees things:

  1. Robo Caller: Pre-recorded automatic phone messages.
  2. Spammers: Unwanted callers who may call indiscriminately to a large number of recipients; sometimes include the callers we have allowed to contact us.
  3. Fraudulent calls: Entities who may pretend to be someone they are not with malicious intent.

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