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Instagram and Facebook New Features Make Creators More Money


Instagram and Facebook New Features Make Creators More Money. Instagram and Facebook are preparing new features that creators or influencers will use to increase their money from both platforms.

The plan was revealed by the CEO of Facebook Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, at the Creator Week event. Zuckerberg said that content creators could have the opportunity to increase revenue through this new feature.

The condition is if you succeed in passing specific achievements. On Instagram, creators can increase their revenue by selling a set of “badges” when doing a standalone broadcast or duet with another account.

On Facebook, additional cash can be earned through “Stars Challenges,” where creators can earn bonuses for achieving specific goals and completing a series of tasks.


Encourage creators to want to work more

Apart from increasing additional income opportunities for creators. The new challenges created by Facebook and Instagram also aim to encourage creators to want to do more.

“We believe that you should be rewarded for the value you bring to fans for the entire community,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook also revealed some details about its plans to allow influencers to earn commissions directly from their posts. With this change, brand owners will set commission rates for the products they sell on Instagram.

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When influencers tag (tag) their products in their uploads. They will earn commissions directly from the number of products sold through their uploads. Instagram started testing this feature with a group of creators in the US. Including brands such as Kopari, MAC, Pat McGrath Labs, and Sephora.

Instagram is also starting to allow creators who are already selling their products to link their existing storefront to the main page of their Instagram profile.

This method is a step for Instagram and Facebook to compete with other platforms, which are also channels for creators to seek coffers in cyberspace.

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