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Tutorial on How to Increase Photo/Image Resolution Online


Increase Photo/Image Resolution Online

Increase Photo Resolution Online – Since ancient times, photos have been vital because they serve to capture every precious moment or memory in life. Unfortunately, not all camera shots match expectations. Images can also appear blurry due to a lack of focus on the shooting process, or the camera resolution is too low.

Therefore, you need to know how to increase photo resolution online. Now many websites provide photo resolution enlargement services. The following is an overview of the procedure for digitally increasing photo resolution. Listen to the end of the article, yes!

1. Photo Editing with the Waifu2x Website

Questioning how to increase the resolution of photos online, you can use the Waifu2x website to do this. Even though the name seems to have something to do with anime, the Waifu2x website helps visitors increase the resolution of images or photos for free!
Below is a guide.

  1. Open a browser on your computer and visit the Waifu2x website at the address or
  2. Go to the site’s front page and select the option “Type URL” or “Choose File” to choose a photo or image in the gallery on your computer that you want to edit.
  3. Make the settings on the “Settings” option to increase the image or photo quality.
  4. For “Style” options, there are two choices, namely “Artwork” or “Photo.” Of course, you will take the “Photo” option in this case.
  5. On the “Noise Reduction” menu, select the “High” option to achieve the best photo or image quality.
  6. Next, on the “Scale” menu, you can select the option “None” or “2x.” It’s a good idea to choose the “2x” option because your images’ quality will increase.
  7. Don’t forget to verify “I’m not a robot” to continue with the editing process.
  8. If you have verified, you can select the “Convert” button at the bottom of the page to confirm the image/photo editing process’s completion.
  9. After that, wait for the editing process to complete, OK!
  10. After the editing process, you can save the image/photo file in JPG or PNG format. For tips, choose the PNG format because your image quality will be better and not easily “broken” than JPG format.
  11. Finally, you can download the image from the application on the Waifu2x website by pressing the “Download” button to the right of the “Convert” button. Then save the downloaded file on your computer.
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Increase Photo/Image Online

2. Image Editing Using the ILoveIMG Website

Apart from Waifu2x, how to increase photo resolution online can also be done via the ILoveIMG website. If you still feel unfamiliar, ILoveIMG is a website that offers a variety of free features to its users, including increasing the size of photo and image resolution.

Apart from enlarging the resolution of photos/images, ILoveIMG can convert (convert) image files into JPG, Crop, Compress, add watermarks to images/photos, and much more!

Here are some ways to increase photo resolution online via the ILoveIMG website.

  1. First, open a browser (such as Chrome, Mozilla, or Opera) on your device (laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet).
  2. Visit the ILoveIMG website at
  3. Next, Buddy Androbuntu will see the front page of the ILoveIMG site. Select the “Resize Images” menu and select “Select Images” to select the photo you want to edit from the photo storage on your mobile (or on a “cloud” storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive).
  4. You can also immediately drag images or photos to the page (drop images here).
  5. After selecting the photo or image you want to edit, you will be faced with the option “Resize Options”>> “By Pixels” or “By Percentage.” If you choose to increase the image resolution with “By Pixels,” you will have to select the number as needed in the Height and Width columns.
  6. If you select the “By Percentage” option, you will be prompted to choose the two options below: “25% Smaller” or “50% Smaller.”
  7. You can also add the number of photos to be changed the resolution by selecting the “Add More Images” feature to the right of the previously chosen images/photos.
  8. After making your selection, press the large “Resize Images” button in the lower right corner of the page.
  9. Finally, press the big “Download Resized Images” button to download and save the previous photo edits. Done!
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  • The editing process offered is relatively easy to do
  • It doesn’t take too long.
  • Some features can free of charge.
  • The results of photo edits are of sufficient quality.
  • Users are not required to download any applications.


  • More paid features than free features
  • Must use the internet connection
  • There is no history feature from the photo editing process.
  • Sometimes, the coloring of the photo edits is not right.
  • That is the discussion on how to increase the resolution of photos online.

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