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How to Use Whiteboard Zoom to Make Your Presentation Interesting


How to Use Whiteboard Zoom to Make Your Presentation Interesting – During Work From Home, Zoom has become one of many people’s preferred video conferencing applications. Not without reason, considering the completeness of features and ease of use make Zoom so popular. Moreover, the company also provides a free version that up to 50 people can use.

How to Use Whiteboard Zoom

To support productivity, Zoom has also added various advanced features to this service. One of them is a whiteboard. This feature allows us to write on the Whiteboard and can be used during video conferences.

Many things we can do through the Whiteboard feature. As a teacher, this virtual Whiteboard can explain a particular theory or material, likewise, if we present a particular program or business. To help optimize the experience while using Zoom, here are the steps and procedures for using the whiteboard feature in Zoom.

Whiteboard Zoom

Whiteboard Zoom Feature

Unfortunately, Zoom’s whiteboard feature is not yet available for all platforms. It can only be accessed by Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iPadOS laptop users. iPhone users cannot use this feature yet.

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Luckily, this feature is available to all Zoom users. Both paid and free versions. Here are the steps to use this feature:

How to Use the Whiteboard Feature in Zoom Using a Laptop

  1. Open the Zoom application via the laptop that we use
  2. Click the Share Screen button from the menu. Alternatively, we can click Command Alt+S (for Windows users) or Command+S (for Mac users) to open the Share Screen screen.
  3. When the Share Screen window appears, click the Whiteboard menu that appears on the page.
  4. Finally, click Share so that other participants can see the Whiteboard

How to Enable Whiteboard Zoom on Android

  1. Tap the Share menu from the menu bar. If it is not available, we can click on the video conference screen to bring up the menu options.
  2. Swipe down the screen until we find the Share Whiteboard menu
  3. Next, click the menu. Shortly after, Whiteboard will appear on the Zoom screen on the phone

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