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How to Use The View Once Feature Safely on WhatsApp


How to Use The View Once Feature Safely on WhatsApp – Recently, WhatsApp has released the View Once feature for beta users. This feature makes photos and videos that users send will disappear after one View. This feature is like Snapchat or Telegram, so the file will instantly expire after being viewed by other users.

If you tap the info feature on a sent message, users can see when the recipient of the message received and view the message. However, if the recipient doesn’t enable the blue checkmark as the message has been read, the sender can only see whether the photo or video message has been opened or not.

It should be noted that the recipient can still save the photo or video by taking a screenshot or recording it using another device.

How to use View Once Feature


Reporting from Android Central said the feature is now only available for beta on Android. In contrast, in the coming weeks, this feature is also expected to be available in beta on iOS.

Here’s how to use the Whatsapp feature, photo and video messages disappear after viewing:

  1. Select the photo or video to send
  2. Click the number 1 button with a circle to the left of the submit button to activate the lost after view feature. Click again to disable the feature.
  3. If the photo-video feature is deleted after viewing is activated, the photo or video will not display the image immediately. Instead, the recipient will get a notification with the caption “photo” or “video” with the number 1.
  4. If the recipient has opened the message, the photo and video notification description will change to “opened.”
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Previously, WhatsApp had launched a disappearing message in November 2020. The message could disappear seven days after it was sent. View Once is a development of the disappearing message feature that WhatsApp launched last year.

So far, the feature can only be enabled for individual chat rooms. However, soon, WhatsApp will enable the missing messages to feature on all chat rooms.

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