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How to Use the MyHeritage Application, Make Old Photos Come ‘Alive’!


How to Use the MyHeritage Application, Make Old Photos Come ‘Alive’! – In recent days, an application called Deepfake MyHeritage has been viral on various social media. What is that? So, Deepfake MyHeritage is an application with its newest features. Deep Nostalgia, able to turn old photos into life. How can?

Of course, you can because the MyHeritage application utilizes artificial intelligence technology (Artificial Intelligence / AI). So that you can make a fake video or audio using existing reference material.


This technology needs to be ‘trained’ to use any reference materials such as photos, videos, and sound. Because the more reference material, the more accurate the results will be.

From there, the AI technology used by MyHeritage can map a face from a photo and make it appear ‘alive. So, for those of you who don’t want to miss the trend, here is a summary of how to use MyHeritage to make older photos come alive!

How to Use MyHeritage to Make Older Photos Come ‘Alive’

  1. Download the MyHeritage application on the App Store or Play Store. Besides that, you can access the official website here.
  2. If after installation you can’t access it, try using a VPN with a United States server.
  3. On the main menu, tap Photos
  4. Then press the + icon to add a photo. Two options will appear. Select Add Photo to use a photo stored on your phone, or Scan Photos & Docs to scan a physical photo.
  5. After the photo is selected or scanned, click Upload
  6. Tap on the uploaded photo. Several options will appear at the top. To create an animation, press the leftmost icon.
  7. Wait a few moments, so save. It can also be shared on social media or instant messaging services.
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MyHeritage View


For your information. MyHeritage just released this Deep Nostalgia feature at the end of February 2021. This feature was suddenly popular because of its uniqueness because it allows anyone to quickly ‘bring’ their old photo collection to life.

“In just one week since the release of Deep Nostalgia, our new feature to animate family photos is suddenly popular and has become a sensation on the internet.” More than 10 million faces have been animated so far, and several thousand photos are animated every minute! “MyHeritage said on its official blog.

MyHeritage warns users against using Deep Nostalgia to upload photos of living people without their consent.

Besides, for user safety and security, MyHeritage also does not provide an option to add audio to the Deep Nostalgia feature.

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