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How to Use PS5 Controller (Dualsense) on Android and iPhone


How to Use PS5 Controller (Dualsense) on Android and iPhone – Users who have a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 console and an Android 12 based device can now stream PS5 games to those devices with the PS Remote Play app. In addition, users can also control the game with the enhanced DualShock 4 feature on the DualSense controller.

After bringing DualSense support to the iOS app in late April, Sony has now updated the PS Remote Play app on Android to support the PS5’s DualSense game controller and the new DualShock 4 feature. Reporting from What Hifi (17/11), this means using the DualSense controller to handle (and feel) the action coming from Android devices.

PS Remote Play Update

Sony announced that the new PS Remote Play update for Android 12 users is now available globally. It allows pairing with a DualSense wireless controller and supports the new DualShock 4 adaptive triggers when playing remotely, including the touchpad, motion sensor, rumble, and battery indicator.

For information, the PS Remote Play application allows users to play PS4 and PS5 games on mobile devices. The white Sony DualSense controller first arrived at the launch of the PS5 console in November 2020, with new colors’ cosmic red’ and ‘midnight black’ in June 2021.

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By installing the PS Remote Play app on an Android device, users will be able to play PS4 and PS5 games on their phone or tablet by streaming them over the home network from their PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console.

Specifically, DualShock 4 support requires Android 10 and above, while the newly released DualSense support and the enhanced DualShock 4 need Android 12. PS Remote Play supports resolutions up to 1080p without HDR.

The PS Remote Play app is currently only available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) mobile devices. Sony has yet to announce plans to bring it to Android TV and Apple TV.

How to Use PS5 Controller on iPhone

Make sure your device is at least iOS 14.5. Users can update iOS 14.5 by opening the Settings page > select General > select Software Update and then wait a while until the update to iOS 14.5 appears.

After performing the steps above, the user can then connect to the Dualsense PS5 controller. Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings menu and turn on Bluetooth by selecting the Bluetooth menu. You’ll see if your phone is already connected to the game device you want to connect to.
  2. Take the DualSense controller.
  3. Press and hold the Share button and the PS button at the same time. The share button is above the left directional buttons. At the same time, the PS button is in the middle of the analog controls.
  4. The user must hold down the two buttons for approximately three seconds until they see a blue flashing light.
  5. Check the iPhone. See the Other Device menu. ‘DualSense 5 Wireless Controller’ will appear immediately under ‘Other Devices.’
  6. Click Dualsense 5 Wireless Controller
  7. Both devices are now connected.
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Quoted from Techradar, after you are done using it and want to save battery life, you can return to the Settings menu > Bluetooth and tap the ‘I’ icon next to the PS5 controller.

Users can disconnect by immediately turning off the connection or pressing ‘Forget this device’ to remove it from the list of connected iPhone devices in the Dualsense PS5.


How to Use PS5 Controller on Android

  1. Provide a fun mobile device to be invited to play.
  2. Provide DualSense, aka PS5’s wireless controller.
  3. This is optional, in the form of a mount holder for Dualsense. We can play games in a more flexible position, which feels like playing a portable console.

How to Connect

  1. Go to settings > Bluetooth on your phone. Then switch to the Dual Sense controller, which is in an inactive state. Press the PS button and the CREATE button at the same time and hold it for a while until the LED on the Dual Sense flashes blue. Dual Sense will enter in discoverable mode.
  2. On the phone screen, in the Bluetooth section, a “wireless controller” will appear. Select this icon and do the pairing according to the instructions. Finished. Now your Dual Sense is connected to your phone.
  3. Optional – If you have a Mount or gamepad phone holder, attach it according to the product instructions, then place the phone in the most balanced position. Don’t forget to set the display to auto-rotate so that there are more position options.
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Or place your phone in a safe position, whether it’s on a desk or anywhere else, and control the game using the PS5’s DualSense. Don’t forget to do the settings in the game. To use a controller that is read by the phone system. Have an excellent play!

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