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How to Troubleshoot Laptop or PC Won’t Connect Wifi


How to Troubleshoot Laptop or PC Won’t Connect Wifi – WiFi is one of the essential elements needed by electronic devices, including laptops and computers. For people who work or do activities relying on electronic devices, the presence of WiFi on their laptops or computers is, of course, significant.

However, has your laptop or computer suddenly found it difficult to connect to a WiFi signal? This, of course, will be very annoying. Not to mention if at that time you were working with a laptop or computer.

Laptop or PC Won’t Connect Wifi

Laptop or PC Won’t Connect Wifi

Don’t worry. If you experience this, here are ways and tricks so that your laptop or computer can be reconnected to a WiFi network.

1. Turn on the WiFi Adapter

The first thing you can do is activate the WiFi adapter on the laptop. The easiest way is to press the Fn + F3 combination key.

2. Reinstall WiFi Driver

One other way you can do this is by reinstalling the drivers on the laptop. Therefore, if the WiFi on your laptop dies and the method above doesn’t solve it, it is likely that your laptop or computer WiFi driver has a problem.

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We recommend that you reinstall the driver. You can do this by going to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Then clicking “Device Manager.” After that, open Network adapters> select the WiFi adapters in use. Right-click the Uninstall option will appear. Click that option.

Then, hover over the far right icon in the bar (image of a computer monitor with a magnifying glass) to automatically find and install the driver.

3. Reset IP Address


Almost the same as the first method, when you right-click on WiFi settings > then select “properties” > if you have chosen “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” > then select “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain an. DNS server address automatically “.

4. Restart the WiFi Router


If you have access to the router device, try restarting the WiFi router device you are using. By restarting the WiFi router device, the WiFi signal will run and read again on your laptop or computer.

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