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How to Transcribe YouTube Video Text without Application


How to Transcribe YouTube Video Text without Application – YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming platforms today. Many people use YouTube to fill their spare time as well as entertainment from their daily routine. There is a lot of content that can be watched on YouTube, from small videos to knowledge-rich ones, such as podcasts containing chats of important people in the world.

Not just entertainment, many people, including writers in online media, use YouTube videos as material to make news. This makes us not only watch the video but also have to record important things in it.


This activity is, of course, very troublesome, especially if you have to repeat the video continuously to synchronize the text. But, we don’t have to worry anymore because now we can use a certain website to transcribe audio from YouTube videos into text.

How to Transcribe YouTube Video Text

One of the ways we can transcribe the audio in YouTube videos is the Herramientas website. Because it is based on a website, we don’t need to download any application to use it.

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How to use it is quite easy

  1. First, we can open the YouTube application or site on our PC or smartphone device.
  2. Next, find the video that we want to transcribe the audio into text. Click the three-dot icon in the right corner of the video and select the “Share” menu.
  3. Then select and click the copy link to copy and get the video’s link address. Next, open the browser on your PC or smartphone, and open the Herramientas site.
  4. After the site opens, scroll down and look for the “Desgrabador” column, then click the Indonesian button or use another appropriate language.
  5. Paste the previously copied YouTube video link in the column provided and click the “Transcript” button.
  6. Wait until the transcription process is complete if you have scrolled down to see the results. The audio on the YouTube video that we chose has been transcribed into text, and we can use it.
  7. Next, click copy on the text of the transcript, then paste it on the “Word” or “Notepad” page on our device.

That’s the easy way if you want to Transcribe YouTube Video Text without Application. Hopefully, this information is helpful for you. Thank you.

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