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How to Track Samsung Galaxy Phones Without Third-Party Apps


Samsung embeds the Find My Mobile feature on its Galaxy devices to make it easy to track when a user loses their device.

How to Track Samsung Galaxy Phones Without Third-Party Apps – In this digital era. Losing a smartphone is the scariest thing after losing a loved one. Because apart from being a communication device. Smartphones also function as our payment cards, credit card, banking information, family photo albums, and many other essential things.

Fortunately, Samsung has a built-in feature that allows users to find the phone or even delete the data if they are willing to let go of the smartphone. On this occasion, We will show you how to use the default Find My Mobile feature of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Find My Mobile

Before starting, make sure you have activated this feature first. To do this, open settings and search the upper right corner with the keyword “Find My Mobile.” Then, this feature will appear under Biometrics and Security settings.

Enable the feature to open to its settings. Then, you can choose various options, such as remote unlock, which allows users to control the lost phone even when it is locked remotely. Or the Send last location option so that the smartphone can provide the last location information when the battery is low.

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These options can make it easier for you to access Find My Mobile when needed later. Now that all the settings are in place, it’s time to track your smartphone using Find My Mobile via the web.

  • Type in your browser and enter the Samsung account connected to the device you want to track.
  • After logging in. You are presented with various activities you want to do, from ringing your smartphone, locking or unlocking your smartphone. Tracking your location, Deleting data, Backing up data, Taking calls or messages, and more.

If you are worried that your smartphone will run out of power during tracking. You can activate the power saving mode via the Extend battery life option in Find My Mobile.



The last thing you can do is make sure to use a strong, unique, and secure password. Thus, other people cannot access your Find My Mobile, which is the only solution to control your smartphone remotely.

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