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How to Take Screenshot on Laptops or PC Windows & macOS


Tutorial Screenshot Laptop and PC

How to take screenshot on laptops or PC – Confused about how to take screenshots on laptops or PCs? The answer will be known by searching the web. However, not everything presented on the web can match the type of laptop you have.

Therefore, you have to be very clever in choosing how to screenshot on a laptop. So, the method chosen is really by the laptop you have. Various laptop brands on the market make more and more people who do not understand how to screenshot a laptop screen properly.

To help you, we will explain several ways to screenshot Windows 7 and Windows 10 laptops with various brands on this occasion. Curious about how to explain it? Wait a little longer, and the answer will be found soon in the next section.

Screenshot on Laptop with the Snip & Sketch Apps


There are many ways to screenshot on laptops and PCs. However, a practical and easy way is to use the default Windows software, namely the Snipping Tool application or now it has changed to Snip & Sketch.

To find out the detailed steps, please pay attention to step by step how to screenshot your PC/laptop screen, as we have discussed below:

  1. For the first step, you must determine the screen of your laptop that will be a screenshot. For example, you want to capture the desktop screen, and then focus on the desktop screen on your laptop.
  2. Next, press the Windows or Start button at the bottom left corner of the screen, type Snip & Sketch, and click on the available result.
  3. When the application is open, you have two options to take a screenshot of the laptop screen. By clicking the New button at the top of the application or pressing the keyboard shortcut combination Windows key + Shift + S, you will be able to choose which screenshots you want to screenshot.
  4. After succeeding and getting the screenshot image you want, the next step is to save the image to your laptop. The trick is to press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S; it will display the storage directory for your screenshots.
  5. You can also rename the file and save the screenshot of your desktop screen to any directory/folder you want.
  6. And done good luck.
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In addition to using the Snip & Sketch feature as above, there are ways you can try various brands of laptops. Here are various ways to screenshot a laptop by the brand that you can try according to the brand of your laptop. Here are the details.

How to Screenshot Lenovo Laptop

Are you using a Lenovo laptop? For those who use this laptop, you can follow these steps for how to screenshot on a Lenovo laptop. The steps are not very long. Hence, everyone can follow them easily. Here’s a review of the steps:

  1. Prepare a laptop that will be used.
  2. Then, open the page or part of the view you want to screenshot.
  3. After that, press the Windows key combination and PrintScreen. Do it at the same time to get results.
  4. When finished, the screen that has been taken will be automatically saved on the laptop.
  5. To open and see the screenshot results, you simply open windows explorer and press on this PC. Continue by pressing the picture menu. Enter the screenshot menu. There you will see the results of the images that have been taken.

How to Screenshot Acer Laptops

Unlike the screenshot method with Lenovo, the screenshot method on Acer laptops is a little different. However, the way it is carried out is not too much different. The method followed can be seen in the following section:

  1. First, turn on the laptop and prepare the screen page to be a screenshot.
  2. Then, continue by pressing the print screen button on the keyboard. Usually, there are several different key labels on Acer keyboards, such as PrtScn, PrintScr or other keys.
  3. However, to view the captured images, you need other software. In this case, it requires Paint software.
  4. Open the software, then right-click and press paste. Or, to make things easier, you can use the Ctrl + V key combination.
  5. This method is suitable for any windows. As long as the Paint application is available on the laptop, the note.
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Screenshots on Asus Laptops

One type of laptop widely used is the Asus laptop. How to screenshot on an Asus laptop. It’s certainly different from the previous laptop. The explanation is below:

  1. To use screenshots on an Asus laptop, follow these steps. How to prepare the page to be captured (screenshot).
  2. After that, press the Windows key combination with the PRT SC key. But not all buttons on Asus laptops have this button. The name of this button may be different. However, it is located at the top right.
  3. Meanwhile, to see the results of the image, it can be opened via paint as before. Or can see it through the word. You do this by pressing right-click or pressing Ctrl + V on the word. Later, the resulting image will appear.

Screenshot with ALT Tombol Key

On some laptops, you can use other keys to take screenshots. This method is very easy to do; the results are quite satisfying. The method in question can be seen below:

  1. For the first step, prepare the screen that will be shot. For example, a picture of a game showing victory.
  2. Next, press the Alt + Print Screen key combination. The purpose of this button is to save the image from being taken.
  3. Meanwhile, to see the results, you can see them by entering the paint software. After that, press paste by pressing right-clicks first. Another way is to press the Ctrl + V combination key.

How to Take Long or Vertical Screenshots

For this one, it is needed by students who need complete data. How to run it is quite easy, namely with the steps below:

  1. Use Google Chrome and install it with the Awesome Screenshot extension. After that, click the add button on chrome. If you are used to installing add-ons, you can do it more easily.
  2. If it is installed, an awesome screenshot icon will appear. Click on the icon, then select the capture entire page menu. This option can be made to capture the entire page to be captured.
  3. Wait for a few moments until finally, the screenshot process is finished. After the process is complete, you will be directed to a long time to make edits. If it feels good, press the done button. Later, you will be given a choice in what form the image will be saved.
  4. However, several options available are PDF files, Clipboard, and even direct printing.
  5. For iPhone users, if you have trouble transferring photos from your laptop to your iPhone, please read the Guide to Transferring Photos from Laptop to iPhone Practically.
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Screenshot with Lightshot App


One more way that can be done is to take advantage of the Lightshot application. But if you don’t have it, download it first. Then follow the method below:

  1. If you have downloaded it, continue the screenshot method with this additional application on a laptop. The method in question is to press Print Screen or PrtSc SysRq. Please do it for a few moments until the screen dims a little.
  2. Select the desired area by clicking and dragging the cursor. After that, do the necessary editing and save it in the desired place.


How to Screenshot in Windows – Each of these methods will work according to the ability to run it. But one thing to remember is that how to screenshot on a laptop does not require expert help. Just try a few times, and you will feel it.

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