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How to Stop Ads from Appearing on Your iPhone


How to Stop Ads from Appearing on Your iPhoneiPhone users may have experienced the uncomfortable experience of having their device followed by the same advertisements on every site we have visited. The update in iOS 14.5 has a feature that can improve online privacy by turning off ad tracking in the applications we use. This feature is also available in the latest iOS 15.

How to Stop Ads iPhone

The app tracking transparency feature came in the iOS 14.5 update in April. This feature can be turned off if the user grants explicit permission to an app (including those created by Apple). The app cannot use its user data for targeted advertising, share its user’s location data with advertisements or share its user’s advertising ID or another identifier with third parties.

The change was first introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2020 but has drawn criticism from companies like Facebook, who say it will hurt its ad business.

How to Stop Ads iPhone

How to use the tracking transparency feature

Here’s how to use the new App Tracking Transparency feature to control which apps can track their users. When downloading and opening a new app. The user will get a notification asking if the user wants to allow the app to track the user’s activity on other apps and websites.

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We will also see information about what the app will track and tap not to track to block the activity.

  1. Users can also opt out of app tracking on every app they download by going to Settings > Privacy > Tracking.
  2. Then turn off allow apps to ask to be tracked.

That means any app that tries to ask for our permission will be automatically blocked from asking. And notified that we have requested not to be tracked.

Every app developer is required to request permission for tracking. If Apple finds out that an app is not asking for permission not to be tracked, then Apple will either update their app or potentially be rejected from Apple’s App Store.

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