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How to Solve WiFi Connected But No Internet?


How to Solve WiFi Connected But No Internet? – Why WiFi no internet? People who feel disturbed by their internet activities often ask this question. WiFi that doesn’t have internet can be related to network, provider, or even router problems.

Even though this incident often happens, some people still don’t or what causes WiFi not to have internet. They don’t even know how to solve WiFi, and there is no internet.

You need to deal with this situation by knowing why WiFi has no internet and how to fix it. Check out the discussion below.

The reason why WiFi has no internet

Today, most people choose WiFi to support daily activities such as work or study. They do this because WiFi is considered to be faster, stable, and cheaper than regular internet packages. However, that does not mean that WiFi never causes problems on the network.

On some occasions, WiFi internet can suddenly disappear. Of course, this situation makes WiFi users panic. Why WiFi no internet? The problem has a cause or reason. Further, let’s see the following explanation.

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1. There is a network problem

The reason why WiFi has no internet can be caused by network interference. Generally, network disruptions occur when extreme weather hits.

Take a look, is the weather extreme when there is no WiFi in your area? If so, then it is certain that the main cause is the weather.

The network disruption won’t last long either, so you have to wait until the weather disruption is over.

2. Problem with router

The router is the hardware used to connect the internet network. If this device has problems, then the internet will be hampered.

This is what makes router problems why WiFi does not have internet. When WiFi is connected, but internet access is not running, the router has an error.

It’s different again if WiFi is not connected to electronic devices such as cellphones. This could be a sign that there is a problem with the router.

3. Error setting up WiFi

When setting up WiFi for the first time, sometimes the slightest error in certain parts can be why WiFi does not have internet.

Therefore, it’s best first to use WiFi to ask workers for help from the WiFi provider to set it up. Because they are more skilled and know what the right steps are so that the device can be used.

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How to solve WiFi no internet

From the reasons why WiFi doesn’t have internet, surely you want to find a solution to overcome it. The problem of why WiFi has no internet can be solved in several ways below. Come on, watch while following the steps carefully!

1. Restart Laptop/Mobile Phone or other electronic devices

The first way to solve WiFi no internet is to restart the electronic device. The reason is that when the phone restarts, an error or interference with the cellphone can be “fresh” again after it is turned off.

The previous data or information in the process can be reloaded so that the phone state is not full of running applications.

If it still doesn’t work, you can turn off your phone, then remove the SIM card and memory. Then, after a few minutes, turn it back on.

2. Restart the router

If previously on mobile phones and other electronic devices, now you need to restart the router. Why is it necessary?

A hot router state can cause connection disruption on WiFi. Thus, restarting is the right step so that the router can rest for a while, dissipating the heat.

Also, make sure that the router is not blocking the phone. If it is blocked, the internet network will not be connected. Don’t forget to check if there is a problem with the provider. Sometimes, interference from the provider is often why WiFi doesn’t have internet.

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Contact the call center provider and ask if there is a problem with the network.

3. Re-enter the WiFi password

Error entering password can be the reason why WiFi is not having internet. Try to type the WiFi password more carefully.

The password must match what is set on the router. If they are not the same, the WiFi cannot be connected and has authentication problems.

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