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How to Solve Brainly Error and Inaccessible Applications


How to Solve Brainly Error

How to Solve Brainly Error – Brainly is a learning application that helps students in doing their school assignments. For example, you also have questions about school work. You can ask questions at Brainly. Which later, other Brainly users will help answer your questions.

Or you can also help other Brainly users’ questions. So in other words, you can “study together” at Brainly with other students from all over the world. Besides being accessible on the website, Brainly can also be used on Android and iPhone using its official application.

But unfortunately, sometimes, the Brainly application and website cannot be accessed for one reason. The following are some reasons why the Brainly application and website cannot be opened:

1. Brianly’s server is full because there are too many accesses.
2. There is currently maintenance (maintenance) on the part of Brainly.
3. The error comes from the device you are using.

If you experience an error or can’t open the Brianly application, try to follow the steps below to fix it:

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1. Logout from the Brainly Application

If you are logged in to the Brainly application, try logging out first. After that, try logging in again using the same account. This simple method usually works if there are no significant errors on your cellphone.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Brainly is an application that requires an internet connection to be used. If the connection on your device is weak, then that will also affect the Brainly application. As a result, Brian cannot display the content correctly.

To overcome this, you can try using airplane mode. After a few seconds, turn airplane mode back off. Usually, after this method is done, your internet connection will recover again.


3. Restart Your Phone

Another way to deal with the Brainly application that cannot be opened is to restart the cellphone. This method can also be applied in other applications on your cellphone in error or cannot be used.

4. Reinstall Brainly

Try deleting your Brainly application first. Once removed, reinstall Brainly from the Google Play Store. Remember, only from the Google Play Store and not from any other third party sources. Sometimes if you install it from a third party, there will be an error so that the application cannot be used.

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5. Update the Brainly Application

Try checking the Google Play Store, is there a notification to update Brainly? If there is, immediately update your Brainly application so that it can be used again without problems.

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