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How to Screenshot Galaxy Watch 4, Similar to Smartphone


How to Screenshot Galaxy Watch 4

How to Screenshot Galaxy Watch 4 – The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has the ability to capture screens or screenshots. The method is easy and similar to screenshots on a smartphone screen.

The smartphone screen is like a silent witness where something interesting, worrying or otherwise can happen, and you always want to share it or capture it by taking advantage of the screenshot or screenshot feature. This now also applies to smartwatches, after Samsung presented the latest generation of smartwatches.


The company has brought many improvements to the Galaxy Watch 4, including taking screenshots. Users may want to share some of the health metrics displayed on the Galaxy Watch4 screen, such as the results of the BIA sensor measurements.

How to screenshot

Like capturing a smartphone screen, how to screenshot the Galaxy Watch 4 screen is very easy and fast. The process is almost similar to what you would do on an Android smartphone, with the steps below.

  1. Open the information you want to screenshot on the smartwatch.
  2. Quickly press the home and back buttons on the smartwatch.
  3. If successful, the screen will show the snapshot and capture it at a glance, confirming the screenshot image has been saved.
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Since the smartwatch is now running WearOS 3, the screenshot image will go directly to Google Photos, and you can open it via a smartphone with the same Google account.

Easy isn’t it? Well, this is one of the many new capabilities of the Galaxy Watch4 running WearOS 3. This Samsung smartwatch has many new advantages, such as navigating directions via Google Maps, listening to songs directly from Spotify, or downloading compatible applications on Google. Play Store.

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