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How to Save Internet Data From Applications On Your Smartphones


How to Save Internet Data From Applications On Your Smartphones – As Internet connectivity develops, the internet data selling price scheme also develops. With the existence of video streaming services and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, which have included video content as their main attraction, it is increasingly difficult for users to reduce internet data usage on smartphones.

Running out of internet data packages at a critical time is a scourge for smartphone users. The annoying thing is, internet data is often used without realizing it. Apart from actively avoiding large content when not connected to Wi-Fi, there are several other ways you can try to save internet data usage on your smartphone.

How to Save Internet Data

Although there are similarities and differences between Apple-based devices (iOS, iPadOS) and Android, we provide ways to reduce internet data consumption on Android and Apple.

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1. How to Save WhatsApp Data

There are three ways to save WhatsApp data that users can do. First, by reducing data consumption during voice or video calls. The second is to disable the automatic download feature for each media that the user receives. While the third is to disable the backup data feature. More fully, here are the steps to activate each of the above features.

Activating the Data Saving Feature

  • Android: Tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner > tap Settings > tap the ‘Storage and data’ menu > slide the toggle on the ‘Reduce Data Usage’ menu.
  • iPhone: Enter the Settings menu by tapping the icon located in the lower right corner > select the ‘Storage and data’ menu > then activate the ‘Reduce Data Usage’ feature

Disable WhatsApp Message Backup Feature

  • Android: Go to the Settings menu > select ‘Chat’ > tap ‘Backup chat’ > under the ‘Google Drive settings’ menu, tap the ‘Backup to Google Drive’ menu > select ‘Only when I tap Backup.’
  • iPhone: Go to Settings menu > tap Chat menu > tap ‘Message Backup’ > tap ‘Auto Backup’ then tap ‘Turn off’ option

Disable Auto-Download Feature

  • Android: Go to the Settings menu > tap the ‘Storage and data’ menu > change the command to ‘No media’ on the three menus located under the ‘Media auto-download menu.
  • iPhone: Go to the Settings menu > select the ‘Storage and data’ menu > under the ‘Auto download media’ menu, tap the media type and change the command to ‘Never.’
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2. How to Save Instagram Data

The first way to save on Instagram is to activate the Use Less Data or Data Saver feature, already available on Instagram for both Android and Apple.

  • Open your IG profile, click the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner.
  • Click the Settings menu at the bottom right.
  • Select Account option
  • Select the Cellular Data Settings option
  • Activate the Data Saver feature (on Android) or Less Data (on iPhone) by sliding the toggle to the on position.


3. Take Advantage of The Offline Mode Feature

Not many know that the offline mode feature is an effective way to save internet data. The user’s internet package will not continuously suck up the Internet Data by activating this feature. Some applications with this offline mode feature are Google Maps, Youtube, music streaming applications, and others.

4. How to Save Google Meet Data

Tap the three horizontal lines icon in the Google Meet app. Then select the Settings menu or settings and slide the toggle on the “Limit data usage” option. After the toggle option is active, Google Meet will automatically reduce internet data usage during the video conferencing session.

5. Install an Internet Data Usage Warning Notification

Whether iOS or Android users, checking the internet data usage on a smartphone is not difficult. Both can easily install internet data usage notifications and limit their use.

  • iOS: Settings, look for mobile data options, and set notifications about internet usage.
  • Android: Settings, go to Network options, and enable the feature you want to use.
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