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How to Save Your Data If Windows Can’t Booting


Windows Can’t Booting.

How to Save Your Data If Windows Can’t Booting – Troubleshooting a computer is very frustrating, but have you ever had important files stuck or even lost them on a computer hardware device?

There is a possibility that your data storage device is corrupted or dead. In this case to restore data will cost relatively high or impossible.

But in most cases, the computer may not boot due to several reasons, including a power supply not working correctly, a bad boot sector, or some other reason. There are several ways to restore these files. Here’s how in full:

Boot from USB Drive


Maybe your computer hardware is still working but won’t boot into Windows. Maybe the bootloader is corrupted, or maybe a driver problem prevents you from viewing the familiar Windows desktop. However, if the computer is still functioning, you can use it to boot up and allow access to your private data.

  • If you a Windows PC user.
  • Then create a bootable USB drive with Windows on it.
  • Use another PC/Laptop and a USB drive/Flashdisk with at least 16GB of space.
  • On that PC, download Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool, run it, then select ISO when prompted.
  • Next, download Rufus, click Start, then select your USB drive in the “Device” dropdown menu.
  • Select Windows ISO in “Boot Selection” then Windows To Go in “Image Options.”
  • Click Start, and then wait for the process to complete.
  • Reboot your computer.
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When you see the startup screen, press one of the keys on the keyboard to enter the boot menu (Del / F2 / F11 depending on your computer). Look for the “Boot Order” section, move your USB drive to the top of the list.

If all goes well, your computer will boot into new Windows from that USB drive. Open File Explorer, and your hard drive will appear there, with all the data intact. Files will not appear if your Hard Drive is damaged.

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