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How to Remove and Clean Water from Smartphone Speakers


Remove and Clean Water from Smartphone Speakers – You must be complaining if your Smartphone gets water in it. It certainly makes or interferes with your comfort when using a smartphone. Of course, you have to be even more careful in using this most vital item.

There are several ways you can do this when the speaker gets water in it. Here we will review this.

Impact of Water Intake Speaker

1. Sound Produced by Small Speaker

One of the most common effects of water getting into smartphone speakers is the sound produced is silent. It can happen because the speaker cone is covered with water, and the sound vibration it produces is not optimal. To return the sound to normal, you need to drain the water from your smartphone speaker. It will lower the sound.

2. The Sound That Comes Out Is Not Clear

Another effect of exposing smartphone speakers to water is that the sound produced is unclear. This condition is very disturbing, especially when used to make calls or communicate. To avoid serious damage, the smartphone speaker must be drained immediately so that the sound is clear again.

3. Sounds or Sounds Sound Broken

When the smartphone speaker is exposed to water, the sound can be broken and heard. This condition is exacerbated by maximizing the speaker volume. Immediately follow the steps to remove water from your smartphone speaker to prevent the resulting sound from breaking.

4. The sound emitted shrill

If your smartphone speaker suddenly emits a high-pitched sound, it may be due to water ingress. Water that wets the speaker’s surface does not allow the incoming sound waves to vibrate optimally. As a result, the sound emitted becomes a high-pitched sound, so it is necessary to drain water from the smartphone speaker so that the sound returns to normal.

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5. No sound at all from the speakers

If you don’t take immediate action after your Smartphone’s speakers are exposed to water, there may be no sound. This condition usually occurs when the speaker is overpowered, and the finishing is cracked. If so, immediately take it to a service center to find out the exact cause. If necessary, replace the smartphone speaker to restore normal function.


How to get the water out of the speaker

Immersing the smartphone speaker in water can cause the speaker to malfunction. Therefore, if you accidentally get water on your phone, take immediate action to avoid serious damage.

There are many ways to remove water from your smartphone speakers. It can be done with Embedded Battery Type smartphones and Regular Type smartphones. Here are some of the most common ways to remove water from your smartphone speakers:

1. Check Smartphone Volume Settings

The first way to remove water from your Smartphone’s speakers is to check your Smartphone’s volume setting. You need to check if the speaker’s sound is still normal. The cause of the problem may not be water but the wrong volume setting.

2. Do a Test on the Smartphone Speaker

If the first method doesn’t work, you can try the next test method with smartphone speakers. The trick is to use a validation code or hardware information code. This method is intended to check whether the speaker is damaged before taking action to disassemble the speaker components.

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3. Clean the Smartphone Speakers that are in contact with the Water

If there is water left on the surface of the smartphone speaker, clean it immediately so that water does not enter. You can use a needle or similar tool to remove water from the smartphone speaker. Removing any adhering water usually helps remove rattling sounds from the speakers.

4. Dry Smartphone Using Hairdryer

Besides being used to dry hair, a hairdryer can also be used to remove water from the speaker of the iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone or other types of Smartphones. The hot wind spewed out by the hairdryer can make the water dew attached to the speaker dry.

How to dry Smartphone speakers using a hairdryer is relatively easy. You only need to turn on the hair dryer using the lowest heat mode and then point it at the smartphone speaker. If your Smartphone is a removable battery type, try to date the casing and battery so that the drying process is faster and maximum.

5. Dry Smartphone in Rice Media

You can also dry your phone with rice medium to remove water from your speakerphone when completely submerged. Rice has good water-absorbing properties and can dry out wet smartphone components, including the speaker.

Doing this method is very easy. You have to put the rice in a bowl or container and bury your phone in it. If you want maximum results, you can first remove the smartphone components and then let them sit for a few days.

6. Dry Your Smartphone Using a Fan

If you don’t have a hairdryer, you can use a fan to dry your Smartphone when it gets wet. Before it dries, remove all removable parts and place them in front of the fan. Aim the fan to focus on the smartphone speaker for maximum drying. Do this for approximately 5 hours until the water on the smartphone speaker is completely dry.

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7. Immediately Service Smartphone

If removing water from your smartphone speaker using all the methods above does not result, the last resort is to take it to a smartphone Service Center immediately. The technician will determine whether the smartphone speakers are still available or need to be replaced with new parts. If your phone is still under warranty, this is the best way to get free service.

Application to Remove Water From Speaker

1. Water Eject


Water Eject Shortcut is a commonly used application to remove water from iPhone smartphone speakers. This app works by emitting very low-frequency sound waves near 165Hz. The Water Eject Shortcut app drains water through the hole in your iPhone speaker.

2. Sonic


In addition to the Water Eject Shortcut application, you can also use the Sonic application to remove water from the speaker of your iPhone smartphone. This app has the potential to emit sound waves that push water out of the smartphone speaker.

3. Fix My Speaker


You can also use the Fix My Speaker website to remove water from your iPhone’s smartphone speakers. The operation is straightforward, visit the website and press the button in the form of wind and water images. Sound will be heard automatically from the side, and water will be slowly pushed out of the speaker.

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